Complete Digital Data Management

Data is all about new possibilities. But possibilities can just as easily turn into problems. Data is unstructured, incomplete, disorganized—and it’s growing in volume and velocity every day. To harness your data’s potential and minimize risk, you need the proper data foundation and governance. ​​

BDO Digital's data analytics and data management services help you manage your data so you can focus on what matters: using data-backed insights to drive your business forward. We can help you build the right digital data management infrastructure to support fast-growing data volumes, data-intensive applications and sophisticated analytics and machine learning deployments. From big data management & analytics to modernization, BDO can support you every step of the way.​​

How we help


Data strategy & architecture: Define a data strategy that enables your overall business strategy and creates the data architecture needed to support it and scale as you grow.


Data modernization & cloud migration: Free your data from outdated legacy technology and move it to a cloud-based data platform that makes it easily accessible, compliant and scalable for future analytics and AI deployments—all while optimizing the blend of cost and functionality.


Data collection & integration: Continuously sync and consolidate information from disparate databases and systems to create a unified view of your data.


Data cleansing & rationalization: Ensure data is analytics-ready by standardizing datasets, remediating data quality issues and eliminating redundant, obsolete or trivial information.


Data protection & compliance: Implement security controls and embed privacy-by-design principles to protect your data and keep up to date on your regulatory compliance responsibilities.


Data discovery: Identify and ingest external data sources to capture outside intelligence, address information gaps, and gain an analytics edge.


The difference BDO can make.

When you work with BDO, you get results. We take the time to understand your business—what unique needs you have, what differentiates you from your competitors, and what your goals are for the future. Here’s what you’ll get when you choose us:


A modern data foundation that scales with you: High-quality data you can trust, where you need it, when you need it. A single, secure analytics platform where data can be analyzed on demand and easily integrated into front-end applications. We’ll help you lay the building blocks to achieve your long-term data strategy and business goals.

Better business insights, faster: We’ll help you break down data silos, introduce new ways of thinking and democratize access to data across the enterprise. You’ll get insights derived from your data faster, enabling better decision-making throughout your business.

Confidence in your compliance: With the guidance of our cybersecurity, data privacy and regulatory experts, you’ll operate in a secure data environment that adheres to all requirements and ethical standards. Your customers—and your reputation—will thank you.

Client Success Story

For one large hospital system—containing over ten hospitals and 30,000 team members—maturing their data analytics capabilities was key to centralizing and curating data insights for their 200+ clinical and operational data analysts. BDO stepped in to help build a strategic architecture and plan to modernize their data platform in the cloud.

BDO’s architecture plan and modernized platform have resulted in the following key outcomes for the hospital system:

  • An estimated $4.4 million in in cost reduction and infrastructure over five years
  • Creation of a resilient architecture that includes disaster recovery and security best practices
  • Ability to extract key insights relating to patient traffic and PPE availability during COVID-19
  • A variety of use cases, including those related to physician compensation, anesthesia, orthopedic research and radiology
  • Enablement of advanced analytics and AI, allowing the hospital system to automatically manage patient flow and monitor high-risk patients
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Jumpstart your data transformation

Accelerate your data journey with our Rapid Data Transformation Assessment. Our Rapid Assessment is the quickest way to uncover your data needs and define the strategic initiatives that will achieve your desired business outcomes.

What you'll get:

  • An assessment of your organization’s data ecosystem and business data needs
  • Identified areas for data analytics improvement and potential use cases
  • A go-forward plan with recommendations on what to prioritize and clear milestones
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