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Humanizing Change

Transformation is disruptive. It can impact employees, customers, partners, and suppliers across the value chain. Certainly, new technology can make employees more productive, processes more efficient, and data more secure, but without an enablement and adoption strategy it is unlikely to be fully embraced no matter how great the promised benefits. Lack of buy-in is the primary reason that over 70% of digital initiatives fall short of expectations.

Creating a culture of positive change.

Our BDO Digital team combines in-depth industry and technical experience with a broader understanding of how humans adapt to change. We evaluate a potential change within your organization in terms of both the change itself and the impact to the end users. BDO Digital’s tailored enablement and adoption approach is aligned with your overall objective and designed to help maximize adoption while minimizing disruption. We work to actively ensure change is being adopted across the value chain, one measured dose at a time.

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Change Management for AI Toolkit

Are adoption roadblocks slowing down your organization’s ability to implement AI solutions and keep up with competitors? 

Our Change Management for AI toolkit is designed to simplify user interactions and reduce the need for support, collectively ensuring a smooth transition, user proficiency and enhanced productivity. This toolkit provides a structured approach involving all stakeholders in the process, including a comprehensive change management plan, a communication strategy, new user training sessions and a quick reference guide.  

Request your Change Management for AI Toolkit today and see how our change management team can help with your AI implementation needs. 

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