Empower Your Organization Through Our Managed Services Methodology

Keep up with the technological demands of the marketing world with the assistance of BDO Digital's managed services. Our professionals will handle the details of your MarTech stack to ensure your organization is running smoothly and efficiently.

Let BDO Digital take on the heavy lifting of your marketing automation efforts while you focus on your business. Whether you are short on in-house support or need assistance with daily administration tasks, you can trust our consultants to provide comprehensive and customized solutions for your unique situation.

Enjoy the benefits of our Marketing Managed Services.

BDO Digital's wide variety of managed services will help with lead generation, segmentation and engagement, boosting conversion rates and driving more revenue for your business.

We have the technical proficiency and real-world experience needed to extract maximum value from your email marketing campaigns. Our professionals will help create, deploy and manage your campaigns to ensure you get the highest return on your investments.
Campaign managers can assist with:

  • Production: We will create emails, websites, forms and more to fill out your campaigns and increase engagement ratings.
  • Deployment: Our consultants will craft reports and offer recommendations for deploying your email campaigns.
  • Management: From list segments to project deployment, we will provide the management assistance you need to improve organization and efficiency.
  • Optimization: We will work closely with your team to optimize campaign processes and marketing activities to promote efficiency.

Our DataMD managed services will use a proactive approach to identifying data gaps to ensure the integrity of your data. With clean records on your side, you can improve results, build customer trust and make data-driven decisions that drive revenue.

DataMD will protect your MarTech investments, helping to:

  • Normalize and standardize data
  • Match and merge duplicate records
  • Remove inactive accounts
  • Prevent bad data or duplicates
  • Enrich accounts
  • Discover new records matching ideal customer profiles

Our consultants will provide the dedicated support your organization needs to manage marketing operations and cultivate success. We offer many services, assisting with tasks such as:

  • Deploying and integrating marketing technologies
  • Managing MarTech stacks
  • Producing reports
  • Setting up campaign analytics
  • Enhancing lead nurturing efforts
  • Adjusting lead scoring processes
  • Consulting on best practices
  • Establishing strategies
  • Cleaning up data through normalization, enrichment and deduplication
  • Helping with segmentation
  • Coding websites

BDO Digital has extensive experience empowering organizations to take full advantage of their Marketo investment. Our dedicated admins will meet with you regularly to discuss key initiatives, provide resources and capitalize on optimization opportunities.

We can help with various aspects of your Marketo instance, including:

  • Platform administration
  • Campaign assets and programs
  • Database management
  • Auditing
  • Global operations management
  • System program optimizations

Make the most of every customer interaction with the assistance of our Salesforce managed services. We offer a comprehensive solution for improving sales automation, campaign management, customer service and more on the Salesforce Platform. 

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