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As the pace of change continues to accelerate, manufacturers must quickly adapt to shifting market trends and evolving customer needs. At the same time, they need to invest in practices and technologies that boost resilience and agility to navigate production processes.

Digital Service Trends in Manufacturing

The latest digital trends can help manufacturers evolve for the future, enabling them to find better data-driven insights and improve customer relationships. 



This electronic database stores information securely and accurately, protecting businesses and their customers.


Ensure your data stays secure with proper cybersecurity services.


With the cloud's mobility and flexibility, manufacturers can gather, analyze and act on data in real time to improve product quality, lower costs and predict maintenance.


RPA enables organizations to work with a smaller workforce while still producing quality products and keeping up with demand.

Our Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing companies need to implement technologies that meet customer expectations, drive product innovation and lower costs. At BDO Digital, we are committed to helping our clients achieve those goals and realize their growth potential. Our capabilities include:


Digital Transformation

Enhance customer experience, improve manufacturing performance and reduce costs with digital transformation services from BDO Digital. Our industry experts can help you integrate digital technology into your products and processes to enhance operational efficiency.
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Thorough security is a must in the ever-changing digital landscape. With BDO Digital's cybersecurity services, your organization can receive customized solutions to meet industry demands and regulations. Our team can help you build customer trust and maintain productivity.
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Cloud Services

Our comprehensive cloud services can help your company improve product processes to reduce waste and downtime, leading to greater productivity and cost efficiency. We can help you with moving to the cloud, from planning to migration.
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Analytics Adoption

When you need a more efficient way to make decisions and address functional needs, BDO Digital's analytics adoption services can help your team develop the necessary mindset to drive progress. We can provide the training and resources your organization requires to develop analytic skills.
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Robotic Process Automation

Our RPA manufacturing services allow organizations to automate tasks that increase time efficiency. We can help you develop automation processes that store data, generate financial reports and aid in customer outreach.
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Client Success

A vision for the future.

Manufacturing innovates with Industry 4.0 — see how we helped a 100-year-old manufacturer stay at the forefront of innovation while remaining connected to its original values.

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How the right CRM tool can transform the manufacturing industry.

Developing data-driven cultures, optimizing supply chain operations, streamlining management, engaging customers, creating profit centers and empowering employees are all benefits of digital transformation. Learn how BDO helped several companies across numerous industries find the right CRM tools for their needs.

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Compliment your internal team.

When a 103-year-old fifth-generation family-owned business needed someone to rely on for technical expertise and 24/7 coverage, BDO Digital was there to help. We worked with their executive team to discover how technology could grow their business, and we currently collaborate with their internal team to increase productivity and focus.

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Avoid struggles due to resource contraints on capacity and skillset.

Read about the improvements a manufacturing company experienced in business operations with BDO Digital's managed services. Users are happier and more productive, and problems are quicker to identify and solve, increasing the company's productivity and cost savings.

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Manufacturing IT Services from BDO Digital

Wherever you are in your Industry 4.0 journey, BDO Digital is here to help. We can provide trusted guidance to assist in developing your Industry 4.0 roadmap, identifying opportunities for value creation, figuring out financing and showing you how to put those plans into action.

For more information on BDO's Industry 4.0 and other initiatives, check out BDO's Manufacturing industry homepage.

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