Today more than ever, private equity firms put a premium on the digital potential of target acquisitions and are prioritizing the advancement of their own portfolios’ technological transformation. As competition for deals continues to intensify and deal multiples remain high—thus adding pressure to returns—the industry is turning to digital transformation as a true value creator.

Whether assessing and accelerating digital capabilities at the fund or portfolio company level, optimizing synergy capture from an acquisition, or evaluating a target’s digital potential, BDO Digital can map your digital journey to drive value and maximize ROI.

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Technology transformation and innovation accelerates progress towards defined goals.

Here’s how we helped a private equity firm’s newly acquired company modernize its IT infrastructure and ultimately establish a paradigm for alignment with business objectives.

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Digital Transformation creates value for private equity.

Hear why private equity industry leaders think the digital strategy of a business is critical to its ability to thrive long term—and to the success of its exit.

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