Build the Workplace of the Future

Modern workplaces are no longer bound by time, space or technology. This seismic shift presents many opportunities for businesses, enabling them to enhance their competitive edge. With a modernized, flexible and accessible workplace, you can secure top talent, increase productivity, improve employee engagement and collaboration and foster an environment that spurs enterprise agility and innovation.

BDO Digital builds digital workplace solutions that can transform your business, improving how you interact with customers and helping ensure employee satisfaction. We enable seamless collaboration between your teams and external partners, establishing security from wherever your teams work. With a people-first mindset, we help you create a connected digital workplace. Improved communication between departments throughout your organization can enhance the everyday employee experience, increase efficiency and promote innovation.

BDO Digital's Modern Business Workplace Solutions

BDO Digital brings together technical experience with cross-functional operational knowledge to chart your path to a digital workplace that meets the evolving needs of your employees and customers.
Workplace Modernization

Your technology should be an asset, not a hindrance. BDO Digital will help you build the core workplace infrastructure you need to scale as your organization grows, whether that means shifting to a cloud workspace or upgrading legacy platforms or devices. We can help enable your teams to learn new capabilities, driving more innovation for your company.

Employee Experience Optimization

Your people are your most important asset. We will help you close the gap between employee expectations and current reality by identifying areas of friction and frustration. Our digital solutions can help drive engagement, enable greater flexibility, increase choices and promote personalization. We will strategize with you to improve employee satisfaction and ensure your teams can work seamlessly with one another, your customers and key external stakeholders.

Productivity Improvement Solutions
If your business is to operate at maximum efficiency, your people and technology need to work in sync. We will empower your people to perform at their fullest potential with enterprise business communication and collaboration tools like:
  • Messaging
  • Cloud file sharing
  • Video and web conferencing
  • Mobility solutions to work remotely from any device
  • Business applications
  • Intelligent automation
Security & Identity Management
Safety and security are the bedrock of business continuity and success. BDO Digital will help you create a safe and resilient working environment through a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, data privacy and information integrity.
Change Management
Change is hard, and without buy-in or training, your new workplace strategy will fall flat.  That’s why BDO Digital will work with you to craft and implement a change management strategy to ensure your workplace transformation is a success. 

BDO's Future of Work Approach


Tools for Your Digital Workplace

Looking for industry specialists who can implement digital workplace solutions for your business? Beyond innovative solutions, BDO Digital Labs gives you access to experts who understand your company's needs and conceptualize new solutions. Our digital workplace solutions include AI, workplace automation and data management. We recognize the sheer amount of data available to businesses today, and we keep up with practical management tools using digital interfaces.

Our Approach to Workplace Modernization

Modern technology solutions will enable your business to remain competitive, encouraging greater innovation and productivity throughout your workforce. At BDO Digital, we are passionate about helping clients enjoy all the benefits of modernized technology and processes.

Workplace modernization solutions from BDO Digital offer many advantages, empowering your organization to:


Strengthen employee connectivity and collaboration

Boost operational efficiencies and productivity levels

Increase organizational agility and scalability

Support creativity and innovation

Secure your data and bolster digital resilience



Our Mid-Market Digital Workplace Solutions for Clients Across Industries

BDO Digital has worked with businesses across multiple industries, providing the customized solutions our clients need to meet their specific industry requirements. From retail to healthcare, we have the industry expertise to help your organization implement effective digital workplace modernization strategies.

Learn how we helped one of our banking and insurance clients.

A large, privately owned banking and insurance company located in the U.S. Midwest needed a digital transformation strategy that could protect their organization from increasing cybersecurity threats while balancing customer and employee needs. BDO Digital worked alongside the banking and insurance company to develop a holistic digital strategy that enabled them to create an individualized customer and employee experience while maintaining security.


BDO DIGITAL supports many leading technology providers

Whether your company wants to implement new digital solutions or find ways to update your current processes, BDO Digital can help.
We will assist you through your digital transformation journey, from software selection to technology implementation.

A few technology providers we work with include:

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 Logo of Amazon Web Services

Logo of HP

Logo of Citrix

Digital Workplace Industry Solutions

BDO Digital can help organizations implement innovative solutions to empower their people to be even more productive and secure within a Digital Workplace. BDO Digital brings together technical experience with cross-functional operational knowledge to chart your path to a digital workplace that meets the evolving needs of your employees and customers.
Explore Industry Solutions
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As businesses grow, and as a result responsibilities are often increasingly siloed, companies are less able to predict the unintended impacts of new technologies across the entire organization. BDO Digital starts with the valuable perspective of an outsider, able to objectively assess the tools, processes, protocols and personnel. We help identify specific productivity objectives, then provide tailored recommendations on how to best leverage existing assets to achieve them.

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Productivity Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business environment, workforce productivity is the new definition of corporate competitiveness. We provide integrated IT solutions that amplify the impact of your people by creating enhanced and optimized user experiences. 
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Portals & Intranets

We deliver seamless, integrated, and intuitive portals and intranets that help organizations work more collaboratively and effectively together. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Productivity, we leverage the best talent in the industry to bring you superior design, development, and management of your portals & intranets.
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Messaging, Voice & Conferencing

Today’s workforce requires a complete communications solution that lets them interact with ease in a multitude of ways. From software platforms to instant messaging to phone systems and conferencing, we help you modernize communication to meet the growing needs of your business across department, location, and time zone.
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