From asset management and insurance to banking and FinTech, the financial services industry is in the midst of a years-long digital revolution that has transformed the delivery of services to retail customers and businesses alike. New technologies have raised the bar for customer expectations, inspiring companies to seek innovative processes that meet consumer needs and business goals.

Financial technology consulting firms such as BDO Digital can help your organization improve customer experience, operational efficiency, process optimization, risk management and cost savings through FinTech solutions.

Are you looking to identify cross-sell opportunities, see new and lost relationships and gain operational support? 


Digital Service Trends in FinTech

For FinTech businesses to keep delivering high-quality services to their customers, they need to embrace the flexibility and convenience offered by the latest FinTech solutions.


RPA allows your company to automate tasks so you can reduce costs, increase efficiency, stay competitive and maintain quality customer service.


These services help you enjoy mobility and significant computing power to give customers the accessibility they expect.


Artificial intelligence collects, structures and stores information to improve productivity and the customer experience.


An electronic ledger that records transactions and information safely and permanently, a blockchain is one of the easiest ways to protect your business and customers.

Our Financial Technology Consulting Capabilities

When you work with BDO Digital, you can trust you will receive the expert advice and guidance your company needs to adjust business models to accommodate the latest technological advances. We offer various digital services and IT consulting to help your organization improve customer experience, drive more revenue and stay competitive.

Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation services help middle-market companies develop and execute strategies that ensure data security, increase productivity and streamline business processes. We offer personalized evaluations of your company's digital maturity and opportunities.
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Mitigate risk, build trust and maintain productivity with help from BDO Digital's cybersecurity services. Our team provides customized solutions, focusing on your organization's specific needs and dynamics.
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With our advanced analytics services, we can provide real-time insights and targeted analytics solutions to help your organization address specific needs. We can also empower your team to create a data-driven culture by offering resources and training through our analytics adoption services.
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Go beyond routine automation with custom machine learning solutions from BDO Digital. We can help you create AI programs that eliminate errors, increase efficiency and improve decision-making. Our AI services solve real business problems so you can dedicate more time to other essential tasks.
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When done correctly with adequate cloud computing security, cloud adoption can improve business outcomes and the customer experience. Our cloud services will help you through the entire process of moving to the cloud, from planning to migration.
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Client Success

Create an exceptional client and user experience while maintaining security.

A banking and insurance company implements a digital transformation strategy and cybersecurity initiatives — see how we helped a large, privately owned banking and insurance company strengthen their cyber defense system and create an exceptional client and user experience.

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Seeking a better intranet in SharePoint Online.

BDO Digital provided the solution a financial institution needed to meet company requirements and goals. By implementing a new SharePoint solution with assistance from our team, they enjoyed a smooth transition and desired results.

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Address challenges with right-sized collaboration tool.

We worked with a financial group to address collaboration challenges within their company. BDO Digital helped develop a Microsoft SharePoint intranet, facilitated discussions and implemented a solution that met the financial group's preferences and requirements.

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FinTech Solutions With BDO Digital

Whether you are early on in your digital journey or have been investing in new technologies for a decade, BDO Digital can help you maximize your digital strategy to build an industry-leading customer experience and create efficiencies that help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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