Data Analytics Solutions that Provide Actionable Insights to Fuel Innovation

If data is the fuel you need to drive your business forward, then analytics is the engine.

A comprehensive data and analytics strategy is vital to any digital transformation, enabling organizations to succeed. BDO Digital can take your data in its raw form and turn it into actionable insights that drive progress on business opportunities. We will help you gain real-time insight into what is happening in your business today, as well as predictive insights to help inform where your business should go tomorrow.  

Our specialists will help you ensure your data is accessible and transparent, enabling you to maximize your digital investments. We create user-friendly dashboards that make reporting quick and easy, develop targeted analytics solutions to address specific functional needs and build advanced analytics models that can surface value from your “dark data”—the information you have collected that sits around unused. 

Data analytics opens not only a world of possibility but a world of probability. 

The more mature your data analytics and data management capabilities, the greater the probability that you are making the best decisions for your organization. With BDO Digital's data analytics team behind you, you will have fast, trusted insights to support the decisions you make and confidence that you are using your data to its fullest potential. Analytics outcomes you can achieve include: 

Customer Intelligence

Understand and predict customer demand and buyer behaviors.

Financial Transparency

Get a real-time snapshot of financial health and analyze variables impacting performance. 

Operational Efficiency

Optimize costs and improve productivity by predicting process breakdowns before they happen. 

Competitive Advantage

Stand out from competitors as you use data insights to enhance resiliency, agility and growth. 

Are you a digital trailblazer or a digital laggard?

Want to know how your data analytics capabilities stack up against your peers? Our Digital Performance Indicator ranks your digital maturity and gives you guidance on how to take your capabilities to the next level so you can get ahead of your competition.

How We Can Help

BDO Digital can help you design and deploy analytics capabilities that extract powerful insights from your data. Whether you are looking to automate reporting, develop sophisticated predictive models or create analytics-embedded products, we can build and customize them to your business needs. Our specialists will help you visualize success, giving you the tools and actionable insights you need to achieve your goals.

Get from data to insight to action faster with compelling, easy-to-understand visuals and real-time dashboards. As a Tableau partner, BDO Digital supports Tableau solutions to deliver fast, easy to use, powerful and interactive tools for customers. The visually rich and highly intuitive Tableau allows anyone to analyze data in the cloud or on their desktop quickly and easily.

Our data scientists and analysts will work with you to identify the right inputs, analytical models, chart types and presentation structures to power evidence-driven decisions. With help from BDO Digital, you reimagine existing processes and create new ones to generate future success and growth.

Power of Business intelligence (BI) tools help you generate insights that drive meaningful business outcomes and support your overall enterprise strategy. We’ll help you choose the best-value tool that meets your functional and technical requirements while keeping your resource constraints in mind. 

For business intelligence tools to be effective, they must rest on a strong foundation—that’s where BI architecture comes into play. BDO Digital can build the architecture you need to integrate with your preferred BI tools and support advanced analytics and machine learning models.

A Client Success Story

IRC Retail Centers, a company that owns and operates shopping centers throughout the Central and Southeastern United States, wanted to create an outstanding property tour experience for prospective clients and investors by enabling mobile property data access.

BDO evaluated the company’s options to find a solution that capitalized on the company’s existing investments. Together, here’s what IRC Retail Centers and BDO were able to achieve by selecting the best tool for the job:

  • A cost-effective solution that leveraged IRC Retail Centers’ existing resources, avoiding unnecessary additional investments
  • A tool that’s easy to use and makes data accessible, so prospective clients and investors get more information more quickly
  • Better time resource allocation, resulting in increased revenue
Instead of taking 10 steps to find what we’re looking for, now it only takes 1 or 2 steps. We save a lot of time which means more work can get done, resulting in more revenue generated. The Power BI report is the only report that references everything I need, whenever I need it. I call it the Mothership 2.0!
Andy Henry
Director of Portfolio Analytics/GIS, IRC Retail Centers

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