Do you have the digital capabilities necessary to push the needle forward on your business priorities, or are you missing out on opportunities to grow? Are you digitally outmaneuvering your peers, or are they leaving you in the dust?

BDO’s Digital Performance Indicator (DPI) can tell you how your digital capabilities stack up against your peers’—and what you can do to up your game.

Is your business digitally competitive?

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Your DPI score
, which tells you where you are on your path to digital transformation.

Industry-specific benchmarks
for respondents in the healthcare, financial services, tech, manufacturing and retail industries, based on data from BDO’s 2021 Middle Market Digital Transformation Survey.

Personalized opportunities for improvement
based on identified gaps.

The Digital Performance Indicator Scale

Where are you on the path to digital transformation?

Digital Scale - Digital Laggard, Digital Dabbler, Digital Challenger, Digital Adopter, Digital Trailblazer



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