Analytics Adoption and Collaboration

Cultivate a Data-Driven Culture 

Opening the doorway to data analytics possibilities hinges on your workforce. For analytics adoption to succeed, you need to engage, inspire and educate the end user. Your people need to understand not only the value adopting big data analytics can provide to the organization, but also the benefits it brings to their day-to-day work—and how it impacts their workflows.

BDO Digital can help you cultivate a data-driven culture throughout every level of your organization. We can provide your workforce with resources and training to develop the skills needed for optimal analytics deployment. Work with BDO Digital to empower your employees to make data work for them.

How to achieve a data-driven culture.

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How We Can Help

You already know you need data analytics, but is your organization ready to adopt it? Through a readiness assessment, BDO can help you diagnose your level of preparedness across three areas:

  •  Culture: The level of cultural acceptance and alignment with proposed new behaviors
  •  Commitment: The level of conviction in the proposed change and resolve to see it through to success
  •  Capacity: The level of resources, knowledge and skills to support and sustain the proposed change The analysis reveals the gaps your organization must address to drive end-user adoption of new analytics capabilities and accelerate their integration into the fabric of the business.

BDO Digital can help you map your data analytics adoption plan to your overarching business strategy. We’ll work with you to create a roadmap that will identify which departments will be impacted by the project, select strategies for minimizing the disruption to your business and outline a step-by-step process to achieve successful analytics adoption. 

You need processes and policies in place to ensure your organization is using analytics effectively and responsibly. BDO Digital can help you institute a governance program that takes into consideration all the different risks and responsibilities inherent in data analytics—and help you put in place a change management program to encourage your employees to adopt your policies. 

You want your employees to make the most of data analytics—set them up for success by giving them the tools they need to make it happen. BDO Digital’s Reporting & Analytics Academy makes analytics accessible to employees at all levels of the business with self-paced training, web-based modules and periodic knowledge checks. 

A Client Story

A nonprofit healthcare system in Indiana wanted to build a self-service data platform to enable their operational reporting across all service lines and units. The company has 30,000 employees, 3,000 analytics users and 55 data sources, including Cerner EMR data.

BDO Digital drove three key initiatives for this project:

  1. Launching a self-service data analytics SharePoint site
  2. Creating the Reporting & Analytics Academy, which involved developing distinct learning paths based on the employee persona
  3. Marketing the self-service platform and academy to build awareness and drive a desire to take full advantage of the resources

As a result of working with BDO Digital, the organization was able to stand up the self-service platform and build out the necessary service offerings. The platform is very active with over 4,500 unique views and is continuously adding new content. The new platform led to a $4.4 million estimated infrastructure cost reduction over five years.

Empower your people with a custom analytics curriculum.

Our Reporting and Analytics Academy provides employees an opportunity to learn and gain additional skills through a tailored learning curriculum, containing:

  • Self-paced training
  • Web-based modules
  • Knowledge checks
Where I think BDO Digital set themselves apart and where they delivered for us was really understanding our business needs. 

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