AI Pain Points & How to Address Them

AI Pain Points & How to Address Them


“My company isn’t growing at the rate I want.”

This is a common struggle across organizations when looking to incorporate AI into their business strategies. BDO Digital has created a use case demonstrating specific challenges companies run into within their AI Journey and ways to help address them.

Ever since ChatGPT launched, a client’s CIO is getting questions daily on when the organization will start using AI to grow. However, leadership is consistently looking to analyze data across multiple ERP systems, as new challenges arise during their acquisition, including controllers being overloaded with maintaining spreadsheets in order to report on metrics needed to run the business.

See how our AI professionals analyze the common adoption pitfalls and operational inefficiencies a customer is facing and the solution they provide to help the company jumpstart their growth journey.

Learn more about how to best leverage data and AI to grow your business.

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Video Transcript

Hey, Noah. Thanks for reaching out. How can I help?

Yeah. Thanks, Sam. I really appreciate the opportunity to bounce some ideas off you. If we can, I'd like to discuss one customer in particular.

Great. What's on your mind?

Well, they just wrapped up Project Alpha and everyone's really impressed. It made a really big impact. So kudos to your team. First of all, I know we had a time crunch there at the end, and I appreciate the effort everyone put in. There've been a few things coming up lately though that I'd love to get your take on.

Sure. Tell me more.

Well, ever since chat GPT came out, the CIO has been getting questioned almost daily on when they're gonna start using AI to grow.

They're also getting hammered by the rest of the leadership team about analyzing data across their multiple ERP systems. The whole acquisition thing has really become a challenge for them. Especially when the controller spends half his time maintaining these crazy spreadsheets, just so he can report on all the metrics needed to run the business.

Okay. So it sounds like we've got pockets of adoption with AI in a few areas we can smooth over operationally. Let me ask a few more questions just to get some clarity. So are they growing at the rate they feel they should? Is the controller struggling because their system integration could use a refresh. Have you talked to their CMO or their COO? What's the temperature and kind of what are your thoughts there?

Yeah. Good questions. They I mean, they certainly have teams that love AI. A few of their power users in marketing really enjoy working alongside our data scientists, but it doesn't feel like they're seeing the growth they want just yet. They've done some good work, but they haven't brought the CMO to the table yet to understand how to incorporate the insights into their campaign strategy. Just seems like something's getting lost in translation. And their controller's spending so much time cleaning and blending data that it takes a week to get answers that leadership can act on. They just can't grow at the rate they need to with those sorts of delays.

Have you talked to them about reframing their data and AI strategy? So in my experience, a well designed framework can help organizations make the most of limited resources by providing a clear roadmap for success. So our data in AI blueprint framework is based on decades of experience in analytics space, pulse on our client's industries and current digital trends. So we could really help them avoid common adoption pitfalls by really focusing on business value and allowing them to prioritize high value initiatives. I think if we leverage our methodologies and tools here, they could really increase the likelihood of success in drive real ROI.

Do you think they would be interested in having us work alongside them to define their specific data and AI journey using our blueprint framework, or what are your thoughts?

Yeah. I I think so. I think that the CIO is really looking for some sort of strategy. Really looking for some help there. What can I tell them the first steps would be?

Well, it's pretty simple. We'll send them an email with an agenda and description and a sample of the output. They reach out to their leadership team and ensure we have buy in. We'll be in the right place if if we have the right people in the right spot. So we have a thirty minute call to focus on our agenda and schedule a two hour blueprint session.

We pull in the right industry or technology experts on our side, we work through our framework with their leadership team, then we tailor the data in a AI blueprint to really jump start their growth journey. So we do all of the heavy lifting. We ask for two hours of their time.

That honestly, that sounds great. I'll run it by the CIO, and I'm sure they'll be interested.

Thanks, Noah. Let me know what you need.

Yeah. Absolutely. Thank you.