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Account-based marketing (ABM) is a proven strategy for improving business processes. From aligning sales and marketing teams to building personalized campaigns that increase conversions, BDO Digital can help your organization drive more revenue through our ABM consulting services.

Our consultants can help improve your lead management framework to better meet your business needs. We have the experience and expertise to optimize your current processes, provide training and make recommendations to generate more leads and conversions.

Enjoy the benefits of our Lead Generation consulting services.

When you work with BDO Digital, you will receive consultation services tailored to your unique business operations. We have the lead generation solutions you need to maximize your marketing investments. 

Our consultants will enable your team to access high-value opportunities early in the sales process by helping you develop and launch a customized ABM strategy. We will manage the moving parts of your ABM initiative, working with you to:

  • Determine solutions for your specific needs
  • Identify effective technologies
  • Create ABM programs and dynamic content
  • Execute projects

BDO Digital will enable you to understand, integrate and optimize your lead management framework. Our consultants will work with you to define each stage of the buyer's journey, providing analytics and reporting to help you make informed decisions. We will guide you through the essential steps of framework creation:

  1. Designing a funnel model
  2. Outlining clear roles and responsibilities
  3. Integrating lead scoring and nurturing systems
  4. Building reports
  5. Optimizing customer experiences

BDO Digital can provide support and suggest best practices for creating forms that collect vital information for building targeted campaigns. We can assist your profile efforts through:

  • Form creation
  • Data collection and normalization
  • Centralization of filters and segmentations
  • Ongoing management

Nurture your leads effectively with a clearly defined framework, outlined with strategic parameters and executed by professionals like BDO Digital. Our lead nurturing consultants will help you:

  • Analyze your buying cycle
  • Define buyer personas
  • Develop personalized messaging
  • Determine the appropriate frequency of nurture campaigns
  • Train staff on best practices 

Our CRM team will work with you to develop an effective lead scoring system that improves sales efficiency and alignment with marketing teams. We will provide:

  • Training on your updated lead scoring system
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Assistance with communication between sales and marketing teams
  • A thorough content inventory
  • Data normalization and optimization

Combining our services with tools from trusted partners such as LeanData and RingLead will enable you to optimize and automate your lead-to-account matching and routing processes. Your sales representatives will be able to spend more time engaging prospects, identifying upsell opportunities and catching leads before they slip through the cracks. 

We will enable your organization to create a subscription center that meets customers' needs and expectations. Our consultants will work with you to define buyer personas and identify highly qualified leads, helping to eliminate excessive messaging while focusing on building valuable relationships. 

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