Construction companies are facing an ever-changing digital landscape, with opportunities for growth and revenue increase around every corner. The real estate industry is encountering a similar change. From digital portfolios to virtual tours, real estate businesses are experiencing a major shift in how they leverage technologies — and this shift is only accelerating. These industries have a wealth of data at their fingertips, which smart companies are using to inform their business strategies.

Digital Service Trends in Construction and Real Estate

With new technologies and digital solutions appearing frequently, the construction and real estate industries have opportunities to increase productivity, meet business goals and drive innovation.



With large data sets to sort through, data analytics solutions can create organization and increase understanding, enabling organizations to meet customer needs and production goals.


This digital trend makes transactions transparent and secure while safeguarding against fraud and data breaches.


Programs can help manage information, improve productivity and increase collaboration efforts by keeping data in a central location.


Maintain efficiency with a smaller workforce when you employ automation solutions.

Our Digital Construction Services

BDO Digital can help your real estate or construction company stay on track, reach budget goals and meet customer needs and expectations. We help companies achieve these benefits through various services.


Digital Transformation

Drive a more profitable future for your company with our digital transformation services. Our team will deliver personalized evaluations and recommendations for your organization's potential growth opportunities. When your company participates in digital transformation, you can give your customers a better experience while still attending to business needs.
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We can help you develop a data-driven culture within your organization through our analytics adoption services. Our team will provide your workforce with the training and resources they need to gain experience and confidence with data analytics.
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With automation services from BDO Digital, your company can maintain speed and efficiency with a smaller labor force. Our industry specialists will work with you to develop automated solutions that increase productivity, decrease errors and provide your customers with the quality products and services they need.
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Our software selection services can help you through selecting and implementing the most suitable software option for your organization's specific needs. We can help ensure the implementation phases go smoothly so your business maintains productivity.
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Client Success

Create a one-stop shop for easy, mobile access to property data.

Find out how we analyzed a retail center owner’s data to provide actionable intelligence on how to improve property tours for potential tenants.

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Managed protection against identity theft.

See how BDO Digital helped Hermanson Company protect against identity theft through managed defense. Our solutions allowed the team to reduce time spent on operational efforts while still improving cybersecurity.

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Experience a Digital Transformation in Construction or Real Estate With BDO Digital

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, BDO Digital has the professional experience and the tools to help guide you. From assessing your current state and pointing to the destination, our team digs deep into your data to offer actionable insights that can encompass everything from a single solution to a holistic strategy.

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