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Bringing years of experience and a wide range of skills and knowledge to the table, BDO Digital Labs is your trusted advisor for product development within AI, workplace automation, and data management. Our marketplace offers an array of workplace and technology tools backed by a team of seasoned practitioners ready to help you conceptualize and commercialize robust solutions.


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Tools and solutions to help increase efficiency and boost performance

The ever-expanding variety, velocity, and volume of data available to organizations quickly creates a need for more-effective management tools to keep up. Whether challenges stem from lack of data visibility, difficulty understanding what it means, access and ownership issues, accuracy discrepancies, or business impact, we have a solution to fit rising business needs.

Our comprehensive suite of products and solutions will help you successfully extend workloads to digital interfaces and reduce manual process errors. Browse products:

In-House GPT
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In-House GPT

Level up your organization with a secure and adaptable Generative AI Foundation and drive out innovative features and functionality tailored to your individual business needs.


Genesis Cover Image
Artificial Intelligence (AI)


BDO Digital Genesis™ is a BDO hosted, AI as a Service Platform (AIaaS) which provides clients a platform to quickly turn data into insights.


Training Data Generator
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Training Data Generator

Training Data Generator helps data scientists by providing high-quality synthetic data that complies with data privacy regulations that can be used safely for training or testing purposes.


Business Performance Insights Image
Project Management

Business Performance Insights

Business Performance Insights helps you gain a deep understanding of your company’s current performance by providing insights, reporting, and recommendations for addressing challenges. 


Data Extractor Cover Image

Data Extractor

Data Extractor utilizes advanced optical character recognition (OCR), robotic process automation, AI technology, and customized workflows to segment and classify data. 


Employee Benefit Plan Cover Image

Employee benefit plan (EBP) Bot

Helps clients overcome challenges with benefit plan audits by providing staff with an automated process for data extraction.

Save 10 to 20 hours per audit

Financial Anomaly Cover Image

Financial Anomaly Detection Analytics (FADA)

BDO Digital’s FADA tool is designed to help you facilitate financial risk discovery and guide you to risk focus areas. We blend an approach of business acumen, industry knowledge, and technical skills to help you understand the financial risks and opportunities associated with your product. 


Project Central Cover Image
Project Management

Project Central

Project management is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Project Central allows organizations to create their own platform using an array of tools. We don’t put you in a box; instead, we help you discover a solution that works with your business. 


Vendor Verify Cover Image

Vendor Verify

Helps clients standardize vendor master data (tax ID number, address, name, phone, website, email contacts, and business type).

Simplified workflow, easier cleanup, improved vendor master controls

Zephyr Cover Image
FinanciaL & BOTS


Zephyr managed services combines widely practiced technology, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) experience, and unparalleled customer commitment to help make EDI easy to manage.

Enhancing your business by making EDI Simple

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