Safely Integrate ChatGPT Capabilities Within Your Existing, Secure Corporate It Environment

The current state of GPT in the market.

Companies across the globe are looking for ways to utilize Generative AI. But because of recent high profile data breaches, many companies are banning ChatGPT.

53% of IT decision makers say they planned to evaluate, use or allocate further resources to OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.

How am I creating risk? How do breaches happen? What are ways to protect against this?

Security risks and lack of control over ChatGPT leave many opportunities for breaches. This AI requires large amounts of data to learn and generate responses, which means that companies need to provide the model with access to sensitive data. This data may include customer data, personal information, or confidential business data. Therefore, the risk of data breach is high, and customers need a secure environment. Companies also have no control over what individual users are putting into the systems.

Unlock next-gen potential in a more secure way.

Our In-House GPT solution offers a secure and tailored ChatGPT environment hosted within your own Microsoft Azure.

This ensures that your data remains encrypted and stored exclusively in your Azure environment, granting you complete control and restricting access even from our own team at BDO, unless authorized by you. Furthermore, your data is never utilized to train functional AI models, as it never leaves your Azure environment.

This mitigates the risks associated with data breaches and safeguards sensitive information within your organization.

In-House GPT Solution Combines the User-Friendly Interface of ChatGPT

with enhanced features designed to boost productivity and efficiency, including:

Prompt Management & Engineering

Effectively manage and refine prompts to achieve desired outputs. Fine-tune and customize the model's responses to align with your organization's specific needs. 

Enhanced Chat & Token History

Access and review the complete chat history, enabling better context and understanding of conversations. Track token usage for better cost management and optimization. 

Easy Chat Sharing & Export

Seamlessly share and export chat conversations for collaboration, review, or archiving purposes, facilitating efficient communication and knowledge sharing within your teams. 

In-House GPT Solution 30k Jumpstart Program

Take advantage of our jumpstart program for a secure GPT deployment the includes security controls, training, an adoption plan, monitoring & dashboard setup, a tailored interface and 15 hours of advisory.

BDO Digital will also offer tiers of additional support for customers looking for ongoing customized experiences.

  • Secure GPT deployment in Microsoft Azure environment
  • Security controls: we ensure the needed security controls are in place such as data encryption, access control, and authentication
  • Training: 2 sessions- 2 hours each (4 total hours) (Combination of user training on prompt engineering and system admin training)
  • Adoption Plan: user communication plan for rollout
  • Monitoring & Dashboard setup with audit logs
  • Interface with customer's branding and dashboards
  • 5 hours of security advisory 
  • 5 hours of change management advisory 
  • 5 hours of data advisory 

In-House GPT Solution Customization

Combining the knowledge of ChatGPT with your internal data unlocks the potential for advanced efficiency gains throughout your organization. By integrating ChatGPT with your internal data sources, you can leverage the power of AI to extract valuable insights, drive automation, and optimize various processes. After setting up your secure In-House GPT Solution environment with our Jumpstart Program, our AI team can assist you in further customizing the system to maximize its value.

Explore the ways BDO Digital can support you.

Our AI team will work closely with your internal team to tailor the In-House GPT system according to your specific requirements. We will understand your business processes, data sources, and desired outcomes to configure the system for optimal performance. 

BDO Digital will assist you in integrating your company's data with the In-House GPT system. This includes connecting and synchronizing relevant data from systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other internal databases. By leveraging your internal data, the system can generate more accurate and context-aware responses, driving advanced efficiency gains across your organization. 

Our AI team can incorporate predictive analytics capabilities into the In-House GPT system. By analyzing historical data and applying machine learning techniques, we can enable the system to generate predictions and insights that support decision-making processes. These predictive analytics features can provide valuable guidance for areas such as demand forecasting, resource planning, and risk assessment. 

We will continue to support your internal team by sharing best practices for prompt management, data integration, and AI system maintenance. We will provide training and knowledge transfer sessions to ensure that your team is equipped with the necessary skills to make the most out of the In-House GPT system. 

Our AI team will remain available for ongoing support, troubleshooting, and system enhancements. We will address any challenges or questions that arise and work collaboratively to refine and optimize the system based on your evolving needs. 

Use Cases for Advanced AI Solutions

BDO Digital’s Complete AI Portfolio 

Like with all technology advancements, an AI strategy must start by aligning to the business goals, and AI is only as good as the data behind it. Our AI portfolio allows customers to harness the full potential of AI across their organization, with In-House GPT Solution being just a starting point. Our AI solutions span Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Client Experience to tailor AI solutions to our customers and drive innovation, improve efficiency and create value.