Intelligence in the blink of AI

Imagine a business that can think for itself. One that can make smart decisions, optimize performance and have personalized interactions with your customers without human intervention. It sounds like a fantasy—but with artificial intelligence it’s into a reality.

BDO puts the “AI” in trailblazer. We’ll enable you to go beyond routine automation and push the boundaries of what it means to be a smart business with custom machine learning solutions. With a focus on solving real business problems, BDO can design and implement AI solutions and provide artificial intelligence consulting that improves decision-making and performance, all while managing the challenges that can come with them—challenges like employee adoption and ethical application.

BDO’s AI services will help you from fraud detection to revenue generation and everything in between, and will help you deploy and scale AI for maximum impact. With great Artificial Intelligence comes great possibilities.

How we can help


AI readiness and strategy


AI can be a powerful asset for your business. BDO can help you assess your data and AI maturity, understand what AI capabilities are needed to support your broader digital transformation strategy and business goals, and identify the near-term use cases that will have the greatest impact. That way, you can be certain your AI deployment will achieve maximum ROI.


Machine learning development


BDO can empower your organization to learn on its own through data mining and independently improve performance. With BDO’s support and machine learning solutions, your organization can adopt deep learning, a type of machine learning solution that’s patterned after the function and form of the human brain, to bring your business intelligence to the next level.


Natural language processing


Your computer speaks its own language, but with natural language processing, it can learn to speak yours, too—and better extract valuable data. BDO can help you take advantage of natural language processing to transform your unstructured data into high-value insights and applications, from document mining and sentiment analysis to chatbots and virtual assistants.


AI ethics and governance


Along with the benefits AI brings to your business are risks that can’t be ignored, from regulatory fines to reputational damage when AI is misused. BDO takes a responsible approach to AI consulting and can help you guard yourself—and your reputation—by ensuring you’re using AI responsibly by protecting user data, eliminating bias, communicating transparently with your clients and more.




Your IT department isn’t just there to keep the lights on—it should be an integral part of your enterprise-wide strategy for driving business value. BDO can deploy artificial intelligence solutions for IT operations (AIOps) to streamline and automate your IT operations. The result? An IT department that’s more agile and has more time to devote to enhancing business performance.


Operational Planning


Before your AI can bring you value, you have to plan for success. We work with you to develop an operational plan to integrate your AI models and solutions into different endpoints for maximum impact to your corporate workflows. Our method produces high-value ROI while keeping your systems user-friendly.


Intelligent Machines


Embedding internet-enabled sensors in machines and systems opens up a whole new world of physical data. BDO can help you apply AI to your IoT applications to extract insight from your data and introduce new capabilities, from predictive maintenance to geofencing.


Computer Vision


In the modern age, your organization needs to incorporate visual data like images and videos to make the best business decisions. BDO can help you develop computer vision systems and applications for visual recognition, object tracking, anomaly detection and more.

Client Success Story – artificial intelligence consultants assist bank with machine learning

Old Second Bank, a Chicago-based bank that’s been serving its community for over 140 years, needed a more efficient way to understand why certain customers chose to close their checking accounts—and predict which accounts could be next.

BDO Digital used machine learning techniques to create a predictive model that accurately forecasted which bank clients were the most likely to close their accounts. This information was made accessible to Old Second Bank via a business dashboard of BDO Digital’s design.

As a result, Old Second Bank was able to:

  • Understand which accounts were in danger of closing and why
  • Improve relationships with their customers to prevent the closing of accounts
  • Target the right areas for business development and drive more sales towards their bottom line
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Image for Client Success Story – artificial intelligence consultants assist bank with machine learning

Your path to data transformation

Is your data strategy getting you to your desired business outcomes? BDO can help you answer that question with our Rapid Data Transformation Assessment. The assessment, based on the seven elements of our data transformation framework, will help you understand what aspects of your data strategy are working and what aren’t. We’ll identify areas ripe for improvement and provide a concrete go-forward plan to help you achieve your stated business goals.

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