Turnkey Analytics Solutions for Industry and Specialized Needs

BDO’s analytics solutions are designed and delivered in collaboration with our industry professionals. Industry and functional specialists are embedded in every team, in every engagement. We come to the table with ideas on what data sets and use cases typically deliver the most value in your sector. 

Financial Services Analytics

We help financial institutions mitigate financial risk, streamline compliance and improve customer satisfaction with business analytics in the finance industry. 

Our solutions

  • Customer insights for banking
  • Collection analytics
  • Investment portfolio analytics
  • Credit risk analytics
  • Compliance and transaction monitoring

A client success story.

Old Second, a Chicago-based community bank, sought to reduce customer churn. To achieve this, they needed a way to identify the variables that influenced a customer’s decision to close their checking account, and an early warning system that would give them enough time to save at-risk accounts. BDO built a predictive analytics model that accurately predicts the customers most likely to close their accounts, the percentage-based likelihood of closing and the most likely reasons for closing. Since launch, the customer churn business analytics solution has driven a significant increase in revenue retention. 

Manufacturing and Distribution Analytics

We work with manufacturers, distributors and other supply chain-intensive industries to increase resilience and agility and improve transparency and information sharing.

Our solutions

  • Transformation visibility
  • Sales forecasting
  • Manufacturing analysis and predictive maintenance
  • Inventory and capacity planning
  • Procurement analytics and supplier intelligence
  • Pricing analytics
  • Sales solutions

A client success story.

A commercial distributor with high customer volume was unpredictably losing customer share across products and categories. BDO deployed machine learning models to accurately forecast sales by customer, product and month. The solution used a mix of internal and external data to identify trouble spots and sales opportunities. Ultimately, this allowed the sales team to focus their business development efforts on the most vulnerable areas.

Real Estate Analytics

We help real estate owners and operators gain actionable insight into asset and portfolio-wide performance enabling better investment and pricing decisions. 

Our solutions

  • Property and portfolio health
  • Geographic Information System mapping
  • Rent and asset pricing forecasting
  • Tenant analytics
  • Custom market and location intelligence

A client success story.

IRC Retail Centers, a company that owns and operates shopping centers throughout the Central and Southeastern United States, wanted to create an outstanding property tour experience for prospective clients and investors by enabling mobile property data access. BDO helped IRC identify what data is most important to prospective tenants and investors during a property tour. Then the team developed a user-friendly dashboard as a one-stop shop for mobile access to IRC property data, including interactive property maps that can drill down into information on specific parcels, rent rolls, lease abstracts and other critical data.

“Instead of taking 10 steps to find what we’re looking for, now it only takes 1 or 2 steps. We save a lot of time which means more work can get done, resulting in more revenue generated.”

– Andy Henry, Director of Portfolio Analytics/GIS, IRC Retail Centers

Healthcare Data Analytics

We use business analytics to help healthcare organizations harness data to improve patient care, measure quality outcomes and increase financial and operational efficiency. 

Our solutions

  • Clinical and patient insights
  • Value-based care measurement
  • Facilities management analytics
  • Patient flow and capacity planning
  • Revenue cycle intelligence (prior authorization)
  • Operations planning

A client success story.

A leading children’s hospital had a long-term goal of better predicting heart failures in children. BDO developed a solution that ingested a data stream from bedside devices and integrated it with patients’ electronic medical records and patient survey data. The data was aggregated into color-coded patient safety and status dashboards. The improved data capture and integration enabled an analytics research foundation for heart failure prediction. 

Fraud Analytics

Our highly specialized team of fraud data scientists work with legal teams and compliance officers to get to the heart of the matter fast, handling data in an ethical and legally defensible manner.

Our solutions

  • Early case assessment and e-discovery review
  • Fraud investigations
  • Threat monitoring and cyber investigations
  • Compliance analytics
  • Third-party due diligence

A client success story.

A franchisor of a pizza chain suspected manipulation of Point of Sale (POS) systems aimed to decrease revenue and royalty payments. BDO was brought in to discreetly perform an investigation while abiding by all ethical and legal obligations. The team used technology-assisted review to narrow the scope of the analysis to the franchisees exhibiting potential red flags, extracted data from the flagged franchisees' POS systems after closing, then identified missing order numbers and quantified the missing revenue from the unreported sales.

BDO was able to identify the perpetrators and calculate the total number and value of deleted sales transactions. The franchisor was able to recover over $1 million in unpaid royalties.