Data-Driven Insights into Current and Future Real Estate Markets

The data is there — harnessing it for quick, actionable insights into the real estate market is the challenge. BDO Digital's Real Estate Analytics solution was designed specifically to help real estate investment firms easily monitor, analyze and act on portfolio data so they can stay competitive in any economy.

BDO Digital's expansive experience with data science, machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics and cloud engineering is helping the real estate industry leverage their data to help improve decision-making.

  • Capture the data you need to create customized at-a-glance reporting
  • Consolidate reporting sprawl by implementing one centralized, governed source of truth
  • Reduce costs and expedite schedules with cubes, dashboards & reports
  • Better understand and compare what matters to you – leverage real-time KPIs like NOI, tenant heath and occupancy

At BDO Digital, we work with you to understand your specific business goals and challenges and align them to a strategic, tech-enabled growth strategy.

BDO Digital's Approach

Office Meeting

Business Alignment

At BDO Digital, we work with you to understand your specific business goals and challenges and align them to a strategic, tech-enabled growth strategy. We'll help you build a solid data foundation with proper data governance processes to help improve data quality and security across your data landscape so you can effectively analyze and use your data.

Engineer at computer

Data Engineering

When you have many disparate sources of data, generating clear, actionable insights is a complex process. Consolidating all your data into one accessible hub enables greater visibility for better, more accurate insights.

Our Real Estate Analytics software gathers all your data from your sources and stores it in a centralized, cloud-based data warehouse tailored to integrate with real estate systems, such as:

  • JDE
  • Yardi
  • MRI

Frictionless integration makes extracting and analyzing data from your systems quick and easy, so you can get the insights you need when you need them. Plus, the program's user-friendly design and self-service capabilities enable you to generate reports and charts on demand without having to wait for IT to assist.

User using Intuitive Dashboard

Dashboard Design

One of the most important elements of any business intelligence solution is the content dashboard, which enables users to interact with all property data from a single screen. The dashboard feature makes data easy to analyze and understand, which is essential for the fast-paced real estate industry.

Our Real Estate Analytics solution's intuitive dashboard design lets you gather essential insights at a glance for more informed decision-making. Users can strategize, implement and launch custom data visualization solutions, including drillable charts and graphs, performance maps and powerful data pivots to transform information into actionable insights.

Team members embracing new technology

User Enablement & Adoption

When adopting new technology tools, it's common to face resistance from both employees and leadership. You'll need to implement a solid change leadership strategy to help your team embrace new technology and processes to ensure ROI.

Unlike traditional change management, change leadership is a proactive approach to change that assumes a certain level of pushback from stakeholders at every level of the organization. It begins with making your company leaders early adopters of the new tools so they can demonstrate their effectiveness to the rest of the organization.

Some other important areas to include in your change leadership strategy include:

  • Define key milestones: What does your adoption roadmap look like, and what project milestones should you track? Answering these questions can help you keep the implementation process moving according to schedule.
  • Closing skills gaps: Some employees may not have the technical background needed to use new analytics tools effectively. Investing in training programs that address areas of friction and frustration can help bring everyone to the level required for successful adoption.
  • Addressing change fatigue: When change occurs too quickly, it's easy for employees to get frustrated and give up on adopting the new tools. Pacing the adoption process is essential for minimizing the risk of change fatigue.

Effectively Leverage Real Estate Data With Help From BDO Digital

Learn more about how BDO Digital's Real Analytics team can help you make better investment and pricing decisions, increase revenue opportunities and paint a clearer picture of future risks and opportunities. Contact us today to speak with a BDO professional for more information on adopting data analytics in your real estate business.

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