Managed DBA

Minimize risks & reduce DBA costs.

Support for When You Need It

BDO Digital's managed services Virtual DBA (database administrator) solution can help your team assess and maintain your SQL environment. We know databases are crucial to your organization and losing access to your company’s information would be devastating. Most mid-market IT departments are staffed with at least one person who has some basic SQL knowledge, but not the expertise to program, configure and keep up with the latest best practices and recommendations.

Many mid-market companies don’t need or can’t justify the expense of a full-time SQL DBA—that’s why BDO Digital offers a virtual DBA solution to complement your internal IT team’s need for SQL expertise to help improve processing and implement best practices for your SQL databases.

SQL server assessment.

BDO Digital offers Microsoft SQL Server Assessments to ensure your environment is optimally performing. Our assessments follow best practice recommendations, resolve SQL Server performance issues, improve reliability, cut costs and consolidate applications. As part of our service, we evaluate: SQL Server, Windows Server, maintenance plans, back-ups and service pack levels, inspect the environment and assess SQL health. We then identify and document risks and remediation plans and compare them to best practices. Finally we make recommendations for maintenance plans and schedules, consolidation and disaster recovery. Since BDO Digital employs a team of dedicated technical industry experts, we can complement your internal IT team and provide IT leadership to assist with strategic planning and help create a technical roadmap for future growth, hardware, consolidation and upgrades.

Virtual DBA services (monthly service).

In addition to BDO Digital's SQL Server Assessments, we also offer monthly Virtual DBA services. We realize that IT is essential to your company’s productivity, efficiency and growth and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the changes and emerging technologies. BDO Digital's Virtual DBA offering serves a tactical IT services role, which includes the following daily, weekly and monthly maintenance activities for a fixed monthly fee:

  • 24×7: BDO Digital monitors resources, hardware and application health; and triages alerts for SQL, hardware and OS
  • Daily: BDO Digital validates maintenance plan output
  • Weekly: BDO Digital reviews data and focuses on performance improvement
  • Monthly: BDO Digital delivers a SQL health report on results and recommendations (growth, query optimization, etc.)
  • As needed: BDO Digital installs Server updates, performs database code reviews and maintains service log documentation

Additional virtual DBA services.

BDO Digital also offers the following VDBA services billed hourly or through a prepaid retainer.

  • Triage of critical errors or warnings
  • Application of SQL server patches and upgrades
  • Handling of DBA tickets related to new users and groups, new databases, standing up new SQL instances & data migrations

Why outsourcing?

The reliance on IT has never been greater. As technology becomes deeply integrated into every layer of business, organizations of all shapes and sizes are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their complex and ever-changing IT systems.