Marketing Campaign and Analytics Reporting from BDO Digital

You can gain actionable insights from your marketing campaign data with help from BDO Digital. With our services powering change in your organization, your team can improve your marketing efforts to reach a greater audience and drive more revenue.

Effective marketing campaigns are critical to staying ahead of the competition and proving to your customers that you have the best services and products. To ensure your marketing efforts are meeting business goals and moving clients through the sales funnel, you need to evaluate your campaign performance.

BDO Digital has the performance analytics services you need to evaluate your data and adjust processes for optimal results. Our consultants offer customized assessments, reports and recommendations that will allow your organization to measure and improve your bottom line.

Enjoy the benefits of our business analytics consulting services for marketers.

BDO Digital's consultation services will provide the actionable and valuable insights your team needs to reach customers and inspire them to buy your products. From reports to assessments, our services will enable your company to improve and grow in ways that boost conversions and drive revenue. 

Our professionals will evaluate the effectiveness of your lead scoring and nurturing programs and identify areas for improvement and growth. Through our assessments and analysis, we can help your team optimize programs and strengthen the correlation between marketing efforts and increased revenue.

Our services include:

  • Lead nurturing analysis: We will look at week-over-week trends as well as more advanced analytics to identify patterns in your customers' journeys. With our weekly, monthly and quarterly automated reports, your team can turn data into program improvement.
  • Lead scoring analysis: Our consultants will evaluate the effectiveness of your lead scoring model, offering recommendations for developing a well-defined lead scoring strategy. We will provide ongoing measurements to help your program evolve with your organization and audience.
  • Opportunity analysis: We will empower your team to create a sustainable sales process by analyzing opportunities for improvement within your lead scoring process. Our consultants will help you know which fields to use to find actionable insights.

With performance reports from BDO Digital's professionals, your organization can dig into engagement trends and find insights to propel your marketing efforts forward. We will help you track, measure and leverage data to improve your marketing strategies and form more long-term relationships with your customers.

A couple of our services include:

  • Campaign reporting framework and implementation: Our consultants will work with your team to develop a customized framework for campaign reporting that meets your capabilities and expands your marketing efforts. We will discuss what fields to include and what you should prioritize.
  • Campaign engagement reporting: Our reporting services will evaluate the engagement rates of your campaigns and reveal areas for improvement. With these insights, you can adjust your marketing efforts to better meet the needs and interests of your target audience.

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