Mitigating Risk Through Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise for organizations of all sizes – and in nearly every industry. As a business grows, data sharing increases in both volume and frequency with vendors, contractors, partners, and customers. Every one of these digital relationships presents an expanding set of cyber risks. The need for security and privacy measures, and the way they are implemented, must be balanced strategically against the organization’s ability to operate effectively, and to actively pursue its future goals.

Regulators, industry associations, and the federal government have issued attestation guidelines and regulatory mandates to address organizational cybersecurity programs. There’s building pressure for companies to prove they have effective controls in place.

At BDO Digital, we help our clients detect, mitigate, and prevent cyber-attacks and breaches that have the potential to disrupt business operations, damage their brand, and cause significant financial losses.

Offering comprehensive cyber risk assessments, we help organizations understand the current state of its cyber program, identify potential gaps and risks, remediate those gaps and risks, and ultimately implement an effective cybersecurity framework. BDO Digital’s cyber security risk assessment evaluates the following:

Application Security
Are your applications protected from outside threats?


Data Protection
Do you know where your sensitive data is stored and how it is protected?


Identity and Access Management
How well do you control who accesses your systems and data? 

Infrastructure Management
How well is your network protected? 

Event Management
Do you know what to do if there is a cyber breach? 

Vendor Management
What are the security practices of third party vendors who have access to your systems and data? 

How aware are your people about their cyber responsibilities? 

Negative events are inevitable—that’s why it’s important to have controls in place to minimize the negative events, processes to quickly recognize they have occurred and a plan to manage their impact and recover from them. A cyber risk assessment and gap analysis can be used as the basis for an action plan in case of a cyber breach where you can evaluate cyber risks and vulnerabilities to your business.  

NIST Cyber Security Framework Assessment

Determine where your organization’s cybersecurity posture is.

BDO Digital offers a well-rounded cybersecurity assessment to provide insight into your current security posture and make recommendations on findings. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cyber Security Framework is used to determine where your organization’s cybersecurity posture is in relation to the CSF. The framework is made up of five critical security functions:

These standards are designed to help organizations better manage and reduce cyber risk of all types, including malware, password theft, phishing attacks, DDoS, traffic interception, and social engineering, among others. Download our NIST Assessment 1-pager to learn more about how BDO Digital can help you find gaps, organize priorities, and manage cybersecurity improvements.  

NIST CSF also has a section detailing what needs to be included within a risk management strategy, stating that “the organization’s priorities, constraints, risk tolerances, and assumptions need to be established to support operational risk decisions. Download our sample NIST CSF Assessment report from a recent customer success to see how we helped increase their security maturity yielding by 20%. 

The BDO Digital Approach

BDO Digital integrates select components of the major cybersecurity frameworks, including NIST, ISO, AICPA, and HITRUST, measuring against regulatory and legal guidance and requirements such as HIPAA, NYDFS, and GDPR, to optimize risk mitigation. This approach results in a comprehensive program and maximizes alignment across the organization. Our talented professionals have experience in a wide variety of areas, including international standards, healthcare, defense, and financial services. 

We provide a range of technology services, including vulnerability and penetration testing from both an external and internal network perspective, as well as phishing campaigns.  

Where are you on your path of security maturity and how can you accelerate?

BDO Digital is offering a 30-minute consultation to answer your security and compliance questions and advise on next steps at no cost to your organization for qualifying companies.