Consolidate and Connect Your Data in One Place to Create Rich, Shareable Visuals

Microsoft's Power BI is a cloud-based solution that provides organizations with advanced self-service business intelligence tools as part of Microsoft 365. Because it runs in the cloud, this solution enables users to access all the applications and resources they need to be productive, whether they work from the office or another location.

Powered by Excel

Microsoft Power BI features and capabilities in Microsoft 365 allow users to create compelling analytical models with Power Pivot and Power View using Microsoft Excel. With Power BI, any user can easily analyze and visualize data with interactive dashboards and 3D data visualization tools. Plus, seamless integration with Excel enables Power BI to access and analyze your data quickly for faster insights.

Make Better Business Decisions on the Go

Power BI lets users quickly access live reports and data sets on the go, so teams can collaborate, gain insights and make better business decisions using a smartphone, tablet or web browser.

Disparate datasets complicate decision-making by obscuring visibility into certain areas of your organization. With Power BI, all your data is stored in the cloud, so users can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. And since everything is in one easy-to-access location, users are more likely to discover trends or patterns they would have otherwise missed.

Analyze More Data

Power BI for Microsoft 365 rapidly analyzes the manipulation of large volumes of data from various sources, so users are not limited to on-premises data or data in the cloud. Faster insights give you more time to take action, and software integrations allow users to get started immediately.

The program centralizes all your business data in a trusted, secure hub for rapid, efficient extraction and analysis — this capability enables Power BI to synthesize data into engaging and interactive reports faster than any other analytics software. Faster insights give you more time to take action, and software integrations allow users to get started immediately.

Plus, users can customize generated reports to sort or group data so they only see what is relevant to the task at hand. With no superfluous information to sort through, users can get clearer, faster business insights for more effective decision-making.

Cut Costs

Power BI is cloud-based, which means you save on the costs of acquiring and managing your own servers. Because Power BI runs on the cloud, maintenance and upgrades are automatic, so you know your BI environment is always up-to-date.

Additionally, Power BI's user-friendly interface empowers business users to generate charts and reports whenever they need to without depending on IT professionals to guide them through the process. This self-service capability enables your people to work more effectively, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Dependable Solutions

Powerful insights help businesses like yours drive increased leads and revenue, which is why investing in Power BI can be so helpful to your organization. 

  • HR analytics: Generate insights about your organization's employees based on demographic data, hiring trends and job performance.
  • Business profitability: Track total sales, overhead expenses, inventory and other factors to determine your overall profitability.
  • Cryptocurrency trends: Monitor how prices change over time for specific cryptocurrencies to stay on top of Web3 innovations.

Software integrations also streamline decision-making in every area of business. For example, combining Power BI with Microsoft Teams can help drive even more impressive results by improving collaboration and providing greater access to embedded reports. You can also directly engage with data from your team's site, creating a frictionless experience for maximum efficiency.

Finally, Power BI has a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, so you know your environment will be available when needed.

Safe, Secure and Compliant

Microsoft 365 comes with enterprise-grade security built in, so users can safely connect to your Power BI environment whether they are on the go or in the office. Continuous data backups and disaster recovery from Microsoft's geographically distributed data centers protect your data and minimize downtime. Power BI also includes tools that can scan Excel spreadsheets for errors and sequentially provide an audit trail of changes for compliance issues.

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Leverage Power BI for More Effective Decision-Making

Power BI is a dynamic, powerful tool for companies in any industry, from healthcare to hospitality. If you are considering adopting a new data analytics tool for your business, it is a good choice.

At BDO Digital, we strive to help businesses cultivate a data-driven culture for better insights and improved decision-making. When you work with us, we complete an analytics adoption readiness assessment to evaluate whether your company is ready to implement a new analytics tool. Then, we use this information to create the best path to implementation — and we will be with you every step of the way.

Empower your organization to do more with your data. Contact us today to speak with a BDO professional about how Power BI and other Microsoft applications can generate more powerful insights in your organization.