Consolidate and Connect Your Data in One Place to Create Rich, Shareable Visuals

Microsoft 365 provides organizations with advanced self-service business intelligence tools through Power BI. As a cloud-based solution, Microsoft 365 gives users the ability to access all of their applications and everything they need to be more productive in the office or on the go. 

Powered by Excel

Microsoft Power BI features and capabilities in Microsoft 365 allow users to create compelling analytical models with Power Pivot and Power View using Microsoft Excel. With Power BI, any user can easily analyze and visualize data with interactive dashboards and 3D visualization tools. 

Make Better Business Decisions on the Go

Power BI lets users quickly access live reports and data sets on-the-go, so teams can collaborate, gain insights and make better business decisions using a smartphone, tablet or web browser. 

Analyze More Data

Power BI for Microsoft 365 rapidly analyzes manipulation of large volumes of data from various sources, so users are not limited to on-premises data or data in the cloud. 

Cut Costs

Power BI runs in the cloud, saving organizations the costs associated with managing their own infrastructure and servers. As a cloud-based solution, upgrades and server maintenance are automatic, so your organization’s BI environment will always be up-to-date. 

Dependable Solutions

A guaranteed 99.9% uptime means your Power BI environment is always available. 

Safe, Secure and Compliant

Microsoft’s built-in enterprise-grade Microsoft 365 security safeguards your Power BI environment, so users can connect safely and securely in the office or on the go. Data is protected in Microsoft’s geographically distributed data centers with continuous data backup and disaster recovery. Power BI also includes tools that can scan Excel spreadsheets for errors and sequentially provide an audit trail of changes for compliance issues.