Large Online Learning Resource Creates Seamless Campaign Processes with the Help of BDO Digital

Large Online Learning Resource Creates Seamless Campaign Processes with the Help of BDO Digital


BDO Digital’s client is a US-based financial services education company dedicated to providing quality education. For more than 40 years, the company has delivered pre-licensing, continuing education, professional development and compliance training to financial institutions and 190,000+ mortgage professionals.


The client works with more than 60 banking affiliates to promote and drive registrations for webinars and other learning resources to consumers. To that end, they provide affiliates with customized email campaigns to send to their customers. As a result, they had a complex instance of Eloqua set up and running – a virtual spider web of email campaigns in constant motion.

Before enlisting BDO Digital’s help, campaigns were being sent out multiple times daily, and each send had to be tailored to reflect the affiliates’ distinct branding and messaging – a sizable task, especially since all of the emails were being built from scratch. A single Eloqua canvas was pushing all of the emails out daily, and every day that canvas had to be updated. The process was time-consuming and error-prone, and relied heavily on manual intervention.

As a result, PTO and holiday breaks would cause delays in campaign execution and delivery, and there was no time for QA. What’s more, the team had no reliable, automated method for campaign reporting, and no batching or planning to support load-balancing among team members.
Unexpectedly, the individual who had managed this cumbersome process left the company on short notice. BDO Digital’s Campaign Execution Services (CES) team was brought in to take over the responsibilities of optimizing and automating the campaigns, and implementing numerous changes.


BDO Digital implemented a batching process where a week’s worth of emails could be set up  ahead of time. Instead of one Eloqua canvas, the BDO team set up ten separate canvases, each linked to 12 programs. Not only did this method significantly cut down production time, it alleviated the stress of building everything from scratch on a daily basis, and loosened up the schedule enough for adequate QA. As a result, there are now fewer errors, and campaign execution is far less dependent on manual work.
In addition, BDO Digital was able to provide batch analytics that were previously unavailable, since pulling analytics daily from individual sends was too labor-intensive to perform consistently. Now the client has access to performance metrics and other insights that help them to optimize their campaigns and messaging for maximum impact.
BDO Digital also integrated the Eloqua solution with Sure Shot’s Message Orchestration platform, working closely with them to iron out the technical details of the new implementation. Then, BDO provided comprehensive documentation and training, so the client could take over the process and manage their Eloqua implementation independently. The entire project was completed in under two months.


Working with BDO Digital’s Campaign Execution Services, the client has confidence in developing and executing campaigns that are high-performing and of optimal quality. With production time dramatically reduced, they have ample time for proactive QA, so they can correct style issues and errors prior to send. This helps to ensure maximum impact and a better experience for customers and prospects, while saving time and money. Flexible, granular reporting helps them gauge the performance and impact of campaigns, and easily share results with stakeholders across the organization.
Additionally, since campaign production is now centralized, developers across four different time zones can follow a better process for responding to requests in a timely manner, to make sure campaigns are developed, produced and delivered within the desired timeframes.
“The new processes implemented by BDO Digital are much more efficient, saving the organization an hour per employee, per day,” the client said.

“Now that daily exceptions don’t need to be changed manually, there’s much less risk of error. Reporting is automated, flexible and granular, and the ability to build out campaigns ahead of time enables us to be proactive about any missing or malfunctioning content.”

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