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Digital Transformation in the workplace improves knowledge sharing and data-driven decision making, but the need for a digital experience is more than just apps that help owner/operators communicate with users. It’s about services and experiences contextually embedded within the workplace through the digital layer of a traditional office setting.

Digital Workplace allows you to empower your workforce with tools, solutions and services to work securely from anywhere – while helping to improve customer experiences and employee retention.

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BDO Digital can help organizations implement innovative solutions to empower their people to be even more productive and secure within a Digital Workplace. BDO Digital brings together technical experience with cross-functional operational knowledge to chart your path to a digital workplace that meets the evolving needs of your employees and customers.

Financial Services

Utilize Data

By incorporating Digital Workplace solutions into this sector, you can better manage risk, modernize core systems, empower employees, deliver differentiated experiences.

BDO Digital offers a foundation of security designed to help FinServ institutions meet compliance requirements while connecting your employees, customers, and your data.

The Financial Services industry is one of the most data-intensive sectors in the global market with access to vast amounts of data – yet less than 0.5% is used to power business insights.

Manufacturing and Distribution

When it comes to onboarding employees and building skills, you can enhance supervisor productivity and reduce training time. Migrating to Azure also allows you to achieve agility, save costs and increase resilience.

Other ways Digital Workplace can help you solve problems as they arise include:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Optimize inventory allocation
  • Improve cost management
  • Increase machine utilization
  • Reduce downtime
  • Optimize resources and navigate disruption

Utilizing Digital Workplace in the Manufacturing & Distribution sector allows you to make investments in technology that will keep you profitable and stable against all challenges.

Real Estate

Increase Productivity

With automation to improve business practices, agents can send emails and receive insights from any device to offer flexibility and improve business practices.

In addition, Digital Workplace solutions provide an integrated search tools that are specifically tailored to real estate transactions, allowing your agents to find prospective clients quickly and begin working with them right away.

Additional digital solutions in the real estate industry:

  • Managing customer relationships and automating customer engagement
  • Chat spaces for listing reviews and live home tours with remote clients
  • Collaboration and productivity capabilities through secure file and resource sharing across the company
  • Data Analytics tools with customer behavior insights for more personalized marketing and customer service offerings

Gone are the days of spending hours on phone calls with prospects and manually inputting data into a CRM system. With Digital Workplace solutions, your team can spend more time meeting prospective buyers and sellers and showing them homes.


Digital Workplace solutions have become more prevalent with the rise of telehealth services to conduct, document, and schedule virtual visits. 

In addition, personalized medicine utilizing automated bots and interactive voice response systems to enable more agility, reduce average time of service are also becoming necessity for a digital facing world.

BDO Digital offers an array of Digital Workplace services and solutions for the rapidly changing Healthcare Industry.

When healthcare disruptions surge, rapid innovation is needed to address new challenges. They require human ingenuity, technological breakthroughs, and extraordinary compassion and collaboration to accelerate scientific discovery, improve patient care, and provide safety.  


Digital Workplace tools allow a digital-first approach to connect your customers, people and data to help you thrive in this new era.

With Digital Workplace solutions you can:

  • Maximize the value of your data by unifying data across your customer journeys
  • Create a holistic view of a customer and use AI to dynamically meet their needs
  • Elevate shopping experiences through Data Analytics and new store technologies to build stronger relationships with your customers across all touchpoints
  • Meet customer demand at scale by building a real-time, sustainable supply chain
  • Optimize inventory with AI that monitors demand
  • Empower store associates and invest in their growth with solutions that improve collaboration, productivity and customer satisfaction

Consumer behavior has shifted. Supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and fluctuating demand make it harder to get products into customers' hands.


Utilize Data

If you are considering implementing new digital tools into your hospitality organization, BDO Digital has Digital Workplace services to help guide you. We can help you establish goals, survey your current infrastructure, and help implement tools to better align your employees and make them more agile and productive.

How Digital Workplace can measure real-time intangible KPIs:

  • Employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Training costs
  • Turnover rates
  • Sick days and absences
  • Impact on the overall performance of the business

Digital transformation in the hospitality industry can be used in several ways to improve guest experience, operational efficiency, and bottom-line performance.


Increase Collaboration

Whether digital tools are needed for distance learning, flexible platforms, updated apps, or long-term digital education strategies, BDO Digital can help you implement Digital Workplace solutions to increase collaboration and productivity amongst your employees while delivering frictionless and seamless experiences to students.

To smooth the rapid transition to remote learning, many educational institutions have turned towards a Digital Workplace environment.

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