SharePoint Envisioning

Envision the perfect site.

Deploy Successful SharePoint Solutions that Increase User Adoption

As part of the BDO Digital SharePoint Way, one of our key differentiators is helping clients create a vision for their new SharePoint environment. We call it the BDO Digital Envisioning Process and it always takes place before any new SharePoint implementation or redesign. The goal is to bring together all of the key stakeholders in an organization to help everyone understand what’s possible, how SharePoint will bring value to the business and create a compelling user experience that drives adoption and success.

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust product that touches many different user groups and departments within an organization. The BDO Digital envisioning process leverages our skills and experience deploying SharePoint solutions for hundreds of organizations. As part of this process, we review best-in-class SharePoint designs, discuss our proven methodology and evaluate best practices and intellectual property assets to create your custom SharePoint solution.

Our envisioning team always includes a project manager, designer and developer. These resources significantly benefit our clients; they have a consultant looking at the conversation from a design eye and a consultant looking at it from a functional and technical aspect. This ensures that the SharePoint site functionalities and capabilities we are envisioning for the project are possible and more importantly, can be implemented within the client’s allocated budget.

The BDO Digital Envisioning Process delivers a solid foundation for SharePoint success by creating SharePoint solutions that are easy to use and help our customers work smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever. It’s the BDO Digital SharePoint Way.

The Value of the BDO Digital SharePoint Envisioning Process:

Leverage BDO Digital skills and experience to:

  • Facilitate effective discussions and decision-making
  • Create compelling aesthetics that will drive adoption
  • Deliver initial value and a solid foundation for growth

We provide critical results and deliverables

  • Refined creative branding assets
  • High-level functional and technical architecture
  • Implementation roadmap and plan
The thought leadership around how you architect one of those experiences to make it engaging for the user has proven to be BDO Digital's strong suit. BDO Digital is not just a technical deliverer, BDO Digital delivers on spirit and dream and intent and all of those other things.