Microsoft Enterprise Mobility

Productivity & security on any device.

Provide Consistent, Unified and Secured Experience for Company Data Across All of Your Employees' Devices

With the rise of mobile devices in the workplace, more and more organizations are allowing their end users to work on their devices of choice. The challenge is providing access to the same corporate resources in a way that is consistent, unified and secured. Enter Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite makes it easier for IT to manage all the devices that employees carry. Combined with Windows Intune and Microsoft System Center, EMS provides organizations with mobile app configuration and security to manage their devices from the cloud via three main components:

Hybrid Identity (enabled by Azure Active Directory Premium)

  • Provides users with self-service experiences like password reset and group management
  • Enables single sign-on to access resources
  • Protect sensitive company information with multi-factor authentication, conditional access controls (i.e., requiring device registration)
  • Ensure compliance with governance, attestation and reporting
  • Create a centralized identity across on-premises and cloud applications
  • Identity federation to maintain centralized authentication

Mobile Device Management (enabled by Intune)

  • Access company resources consistently across devices
  • Device registration and enrollment
  • Syncs corporate data
  • Manage on-premises and cloud-based devices from a single console
  • Settings management across platforms, including certificates, VPNs and wireless networks
  • Protect corporation information by wiping apps or data from lost or stolen devices and identify compromised devices
  • Use a common identity for accessing resources on-premises and in the cloud

Data Protection (enabled by Azure Rights Management Service)

  • Protect your business data in your cloud and on-premises environment
  • Integrate information protection into your applications
  • Assign data protection rules based on Active Directory users and groups

The perfect complement to Microsoft 365

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite has deep integration with Microsoft Office, making it the perfect complement to your Microsoft 365 environment. With the flexibility and scalability of Microsoft 365, it’s easy to accommodate new devices and applications while keeping them secure with enterprise-grade security. Whether you need an on-premises, hybrid or cloud EMS solution, adding EMS to Microsoft 365 provides a wealth of additional mobile device management capabilities from Microsoft 365.

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