Take your IT infrastructure to the next level with the flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon has responded to the modern need to simplify the process of storing, managing and processing data with their very own cloud computing platform called Amazon Web Services (AWS). From mobile applications and data processing to storage and archiving, this cloud computing platform helps organizations both large and small move faster, reduce infrastructure costs and scale applications.




Design, build, implement  

How to design, build, implement and operate AWS solutions and how to tailor them to specific industry needs.


BDO Digital’s AWS certified professionals can help you successfully navigate cloud adoption and management with ease. We will guide you through your digital transformation journey and help your organization leverage the full innovation of AWS services.


BDO Digital's AWS Cloud Adoption Roadmap is a custom-tailored, comprehensive, step-by-step execution plan designed to invigorate customer engagement, reinvent core processes, and transform your business into one that is more efficient, agile, disruptive and profitable.





BDO Digital can help with:

 Cloud Strategy and Financials

 Managed Services

 Data Management and Analytics

 Cloud Security and Governance


 Windows Workloads on AWS 

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Today, hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide use a variety of AWS services for their data needs. AWS provides unique benefits including:


With previous technology, it would require a large amount of money and effort to deliver advance IT solutions. With AWS, you can easily move applications to the cloud and access computing capabilities without having to learn new skills. You can use the programming language, operating system and architecture that you’re already using, or mix and match in order to meet your unique needs.


AWS allows you to scale computing resources up and down in order to meet customer needs and manage costs. Unlike traditional infrastructure that requires additional hardware and installation, you can allocate resources through AWS using a simple API call.


AWS gives you all the benefits of the cloud in a safe and secure fashion. There are tools to handle identity, security and compliance and they are accessed as cloud services. There is no building of the tools, just rapid configuration to provide enhanced protection for your organizations most valuable assets.



Cloud helps healthcare startup improve their business.

As a young startup, this client was seeking an application architecture that was affordable, scalable, and secure.

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Non-profit adopts cloud for financial information assurance.

We helped this client reduce their costs by leveraging AWS’ highly flexible and scalable design.

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