Non-profit Adopts Cloud for Financial Information Assurance

Non-profit Adopts Cloud for Financial Information Assurance

Customer Challenge

BDO Digital helped a not-for-profit organization securely move their data to the cloud using AWS. The organization treats patients suffering from mental health and substance abuse conditions, and operates a school, manages residential facilities, and sells affordable, high-quality workforce solutions to a wide variety of industries.

The company initially stored and managed their financial data on-premise using NAV, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Microsoft Active Directory. The application NAV was residing on a server that had reached its end of life and was running an unsupported version of the software. In May 2019, rather than upgrade their hardware and software on-premise, the organization chose to go with a cloud solution.

They had chosen a third-party to migrate and upgrade the NAV application to the cloud. However, the application did not have the expected security controls.

BDO Digital Solution

The company successfully migrated their financial data to the cloud, but the implementation was not adequately secure. BDO Digital had previously worked with the organization to migrate a different application to AWS and they again approached BDO with their concerns about NAV’s security features. After careful analysis, the BDO Digital team proposed migrating the company’s entire NAV infrastructure to a secure architecture utilizing AWS. The project was completed in August 2019 and the organization now has a modern and secure system for providing information assurance.

Results and Benefits

The financial bookkeeping application that the company was using is now more secure and requires less maintenance than the previous architecture. The organization has reduced their costs by leveraging AWS’ highly flexible, optimized and scalable infrastructural design to scale the application down and up as needed based on application load.

BDO is responsible for cleaning up resources, patching, monitoring traffic, securing the system and all other types of decisions pertaining to maintenance of the NAV application. This has allowed the organization to focus on their business rather than on maintaining the infrastructure that enables their business.

Next Steps

While BDO Digital is currently in charge of maintaining the application’s infrastructure, application support is still under the control of the third-party vendor. BDO Digital will be assisting the company in performing a cost-analysis on moving additional applications into their AWS environment.