Cloud Helps Healthcare Startup Improve their Business

Cloud Helps Healthcare Startup Improve their Business

Customer Challenge

In April 2020, a healthcare startup approached BDO Digital for help choosing the architecture that would best support the application that they were developing. As a young company, they were seeking an application architecture that was affordable, scalable, and secure.

BDO Digital helped the startup analyze the advantages of various platforms and eventually advised them to choose AWS to host their electronic health care record document management system application. The software as a service (SaaS) application aims to help doctors, vendors, patients and others involved in the healthcare sector securely send and receive documents for signatures.


BDO Digital Solution

The business ruled out an on-premise server because the infrastructure investment and personnel/time requirements would have been too significant. Instead, BDO Digital advised them to choose the AWS platform so they could keep costs low while still focusing on improving the application and their customer experience.

Best-of-breed AWS security tools allow deep security and performance monitoring of the environment with little investment. Since the company’s application will handle sensitive electronic health records and payment card data, AWS’s ability to comply with HIPAA, HITRUST and PCI regulations will mitigate the risks of compliance violation fines, reputation damage and data loss.

Results and Benefits

With BDO Digital providing complete managed services for their environment, the startup team is now focused on becoming a dominant player in the EHR field by improving their application and generating new business. With BDO Digital’s help, the company can successfully launch their application on AWS-based Windows technologies.

Next Steps

BDO Digital will continue to actively manage and support the organization’s application environment and is also exploring opportunities to implement DevOps processes to automate the build, test, delivery and deployment lifecycles of the app.