Why Entra ID When You Leverage Okta?

Why Entra ID When You Leverage Okta?

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize their operations and enhance their security posture. One approach gaining traction is vendor consolidation, which involves streamlining the number of technology vendors an organization works with. This not only simplifies management but also brings several benefits to organizations, especially when considering a move from Okta to Entra ID (previously Azure AD). 

1. Strengthened Security and Compliance 

Security is a top concern for any organization, and consolidating vendors can significantly enhance your security posture. By migrating from Okta to Entra ID, you can leverage Microsoft's robust security infrastructure and expertise. Entra ID offers advanced security features such as multi-factor authentication, conditional access policies, and identity protection, which help safeguard against identity theft, unauthorized access, and data breaches. 

Furthermore, consolidating vendors simplifies compliance efforts. With fewer vendors to manage, it becomes easier to align with industry regulations and internal policies. Entra ID provides comprehensive compliance coverage, including certifications for ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and more. This ensures that your organization remains compliant and avoids potential penalties or reputational damage.

2. Streamlined User Experience 

Vendor consolidation not only benefits your organization's security but also improves the user experience for your employees. By migrating to Entra ID, you can provide a seamless and integrated authentication experience across various Microsoft services and applications. This means that employees can use a single set of credentials to access multiple resources, reducing the need for multiple logins and passwords. 

Entra ID also integrates well with other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and Azure services, creating a unified ecosystem. This integration allows for simplified user provisioning and deprovisioning, ensuring that access to resources is granted or revoked promptly when employees join or leave the organization. Consequently, this streamlines user management processes, reduces administrative overhead, and enhances productivity. 

3. Cost Savings and Scalability 

Vendor consolidation can also yield significant cost savings for your organization. By migrating from Okta to Entra ID, you eliminate the need for multiple licenses, support contracts, and integration efforts. Entra ID offers flexible pricing models, allowing you to pay only for the features and resources you need. This helps optimize your IT budget and reduces unnecessary expenses. 

Furthermore, Entra ID provides scalability to accommodate your organization's growth. As your business expands, Entra ID can seamlessly handle the increased user load and resource demands. This eliminates the need for additional infrastructure investments and allows you to scale your identity and access management capabilities without disruption. 

4. Simplified Management and Support

Managing multiple vendors can be complex and time-consuming. By consolidating vendors and migrating to Entra ID, you simplify your IT environment and reduce the administrative burden. Entra ID offers a centralized management portal, allowing you to manage user identities, access policies, and security settings from a single interface. This streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and frees up valuable IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Additionally, Entra ID provides comprehensive support and documentation, backed by Microsoft's extensive resources. This ensures that you have access to timely assistance and guidance whenever needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Vendor consolidation, particularly when considering a move from Okta to Entra ID, offers numerous benefits for organizations. Strengthened security and compliance, streamlined user experience, cost savings, scalability, and simplified management are just a few of the advantages that await your organization. By leveraging Microsoft's robust infrastructure and expertise, you can optimize your operations, strengthen your security posture, and position your organization for future success. 

A recent client win architecture transition example.

Phase 1

Phase 1 example of mapping 

  1. Transition authentication to eliminate Okta synchronization from Active Directory and leverage Azure Active Directory to become the source of cloud authentication. 
  2. MFA will be migrated to Azure AD Conditional Access. 
  3. Okta will be leveraged short term to continue to authenticate SAML applications to allow a staged transition for SAML apps.
  4. Endpoint management and Authentication will move to Azure AD.  

Phase 2

Phase 2 example of mapping 

  1. Fully transitioned to Entra ID and Azure Active Directory Domain services. 

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