BDO MSSP Meets Microsoft Security

BDO MSSP Meets Microsoft Security

BDO Digital has released a whitepaper entitled ‘BDO Modern MSSP & Microsoft Security’ that outlines the current threat landscape, what organizations can do to protect themselves, and how BDO Digital can help. Below is a high-level overview as well as key takeaways from the whitepaper.

The Current Threat Landscape

The shift to remote work during the pandemic has forever changed the way people work. With this shift came an increased number of risks and cyberattacks. Organizations are now having to address gaps around their cyber talent, capacity and coverage, and overall cybersecurity capabilities necessary to protect their business and defend against cyber threats. Organizations are quickly realizing that there is no one solution or product that can eliminate all risk.

What Can Organizations Do?

An important thing for organizations to remember is that cybersecurity is not a ‘set it and forget it’ program. It requires continuous monitoring, attention to detail, and constant updates as cybersecurity threats evolve. Modern cloud platforms and artificial intelligence enabled solutions can help organizations gain confidence in their cybersecurity programs, further reduce risk, and increase their security posture

How BDO Digital Can Help

BDO Digital helps organizations detect, mitigate, and reduce cyberattacks and breaches that have the potential to severely disrupt business operations. By leveraging best in breed Microsoft security solutions and coupling it with our deep level of expertise and experience developing and managing cybersecurity programs, we can take your organization’s security posture to the next level.
The following three workshops are designed to help you enhance your cyber program and strategy: To find out if you are eligible for a fully funded Microsoft workshop, contact BDO Digital today.

BDO Digital’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Solution

BDO Digital’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution delivers global managed security monitoring and response and leverages Azure Sentinel. BDO Digital’s global security and operations center (SOC) provides continuous detection, protection, and response, thus reducing data breaches and lowering costs for organizations who are looking to protect against threats and secure their data.