Microsoft Azure

Get out of the hardware business.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

Azure does not make you choose between your datacenter, service provider or public cloud. This hybrid-ready solution allows customers to leverage resources from all three, enabling IT to expand their options without adding complexity. With Azure, data storage, backup and recovery are more efficient than ever before.


Quickly enter new markets, drive innovation and improve user experience.


Right-size your needs, de-emphasize resource planning and remove infrastructure barriers.


Build customer trust & brand reputation, improve access controls and accountability, minimize downtime & regulatory fines.

How We Can Help

Optimize Your Investment

We can help to get the most out of your cloud investment using BDO Digital’s cloud success framework.

Your Business Needs

We can show you how to use cloud to your organization’s advantage in order to achieve your expected cloud business outcomes such as keeping up with today’s rapidly changing business needs.

Microsoft Programs

With our Microsoft partnership we can help you take advantage of Microsoft Azure Cloud programs and offerings to get a head start on your transformation journey.

The Azure Advantage

Leverage class leading migration tools

Integrate hybrid scenarios

Licensing and cost scenarios

Manage and govern

Transform to take full advantage of cloud native solutions

Client Success Stories

Coverdell estimates $1 million cost savings over three years by migrating to Azure.

The company knew they needed to look at a more robust solution in order to reduce risk while expanding its offerings. By migrating to Azure, this 100-person company was able to realize significant financial benefits, as well as deliver better services to online customers.

Global engineering firm modernizes business apps with Azure Cloud.

A 60-year old Chicago area-based engineering and software development firm realized they needed to align their technology investments, strategic initiatives, and business planning. Their legacy .Net solution was not meeting their needs, so they reached out to BDO Digital for help.

Microsoft Resource Page

BDO Digital is proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner. We are committed to helping you evolve in your digital transformation journey and drive your business forward. Please view our Microsoft Resource Page to stay up to date on the latest technology and resources.

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