Azure Application Modernization

The move to modernization starts here.

Modernizing for Business Impact Today

Applications are essential for businesses, and as more become increasingly outdated and challenging to maintain, they shift from being an asset to becoming a threat. BDO Digital helps organizations understand key business factors, evaluate their business app portfolio, and support infrastructure to prioritize a path to modernization.

How We Can Help

Business Opportunities of App Modernization

Leveraging evolving applications and cloud technologies has tangible business results, enabling businesses to gain various competitive advantages.

  • Improve productivity and user experience by modernizing legacy apps
  • Unlock the best way to enhance operational efficiency and security from within app portfolio
  • Establish a prioritized plan for apps and platforms that are reaching end of life
  • Develop processes to tackle new compliance regulations and standards
  • Harden security posture to lower business risk and proactively regulate threats
  • Effectively manage cloud environments

BDO Digital’s application modernization methodology focuses on the importance of supportability and innovation opportunities for each app, and enables data-backed decision-making with an obvious path forward. Our approach to modernizing business applications begins with scoring current tools and processes, and recommending next steps to revitalize your app portfolio in order to improve operations.

Looking to modernize your organizations business applications?

Companies are dependent on applications to run their businesses - many of which are outdated, have become more difficult to maintain and are reaching end-of-support. To help organizations understand their portfolio of solutions so that they can drive more revenue, decrease cost and risk, and provide new capabilities BDO Digital has developed the Business Application Modernization Assessment.

Modernization with Azure Cloud

As a Cloud Platform and Application Development Microsoft Solutions Partner, BDO Digital is proficient in managing workloads on the Azure platform. Our team has extensive experience in migrating and deploying production web application workloads, applying DevOps practices, and managing app services in Microsoft Azure.

We help organizations who leverage Microsoft technologies harness the powerful combination of Azure’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) capabilities to innovate faster, minimize risk, and maximize ROI.

Client Success Stories

Coverdell estimates $1 million cost savings over three years by migrating to Azure.

The company knew they needed to look at a more robust solution in order to reduce risk while expanding its offerings. By migrating to Azure, this 100-person company was able to realize significant financial benefits, as well as deliver better services to online customers.

Global engineering firm modernizes business apps with Azure Cloud.

A 60-year old Chicago area-based engineering and software development firm realized they needed to align their technology investments, strategic initiatives, and business planning. Their legacy .Net solution was not meeting their needs, so they reached out to BDO Digital for help.

Microsoft Resource Page

BDO Digital is proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner. We are committed to helping you evolve in your digital transformation journey and drive your business forward. Please view our Microsoft Resource Page to stay up to date on the latest technology and resources.