Approvals and Controls

BDO Digital’s custom NetSuite solutions offer built-in approval workflows and audit controls that allow you to proactively manage important business transactions and help protect your bottom line. You can set how reports move through your approval workflows and define elevation thresholds for automation.

Enhanced Approval Workflows

BDO Digital approval workflows allow users to define approval rules in which multiple approvals from various departments or entities are required before transactions impact the general ledger or cash flow.

Key Features

Authority matrix

Setting up an authority matrix clarifies roles and responsibilities within your organization so everyone knows who has the authority to make specific decisions.

Approval notes

Leaving approval notes let authorized decision-makers explain the rationale behind their choices so everyone stays on the same page.

Separation of duties

Prevent fraud and error from negatively affecting your business by setting internal controls on all funds, including payroll distribution, deposit slips and more.

Audit support

A centralized cloud database facilitates quick and easy access to historical records, reducing audit time and enhancing reporting and analysis.

Routing and approval

The approval routing pages allows you to establish and select the process expense reports that go through your approval workflows. Set thresholds for elevation, and easily onboard new employees.


As the number of purchase orders, contracts, and invoices increases, you’ll have peace of mind that our system will always meet your demands.