Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Automate your sales, marketing & service teams.

Improve Communication and Allow Your Organization to Expand and Scale

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides organizations with the tools to spark sales, reduce costs and increase profitability by creating new ways to organize and automate business processes that build customer relationships and satisfaction. By delivering a comprehensive view into each customer, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables teams to make quick and educated decisions about customers, providing an intuitive way to connect and build relationships.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Integrated with Microsoft Products

Built-in connections to Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, Teams and more. Leverage the power of Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server and the .NET Framework for maximum performance.

Easy Interface

Familiar user experience provide a consistent experience across devices.

Seamless Use

Work seamlessly online or offline.


A secure cloud solution with managed upgrades, security and privacy.

Implementation Options

Available as a cloud service or installed as an on-premise solution. 


Flexible, scalable and extensible.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Can Help

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provides an exceptional user experience and equips your team with the tools they need to drives sales, helping them become more prepared, insightful, collaborative and productive. Actionable intelligence and process guidance provides a roadmap for sales teams to be more productive. Since each stage of the process is clearly defined, teams always know where they are and what steps need to be taken next to close more leads faster.

  • Simplify internal processes
  • Easily leverage data with interactive business intelligence tools for more strategic decision-making
  • Connect with customers through a variety of communication channels including web conferencing and IM
  • Be quick and mobile through increased adaptability in a browser or on a mobile device

Effectively managing the customer lifecycle—from marketing to sales to service—is critical to every company’s profitability and growth. Social integration provides customer service representatives with the tools they need to monitor conversations, manage cases more effectively and provide exceptional customer service.

  • Centralized location to monitor documents, contacts, conversations and follow-ups
  • Access schedules and communications through any mobile device
  • Create an exceptional customer experience

Great businesses revolve around relationships. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easily customizable to enhance relationships, drive operational excellence and increase business insights.

  • Easily plan and execute campaigns
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of your marketing investments
  • Drive business agility through real time social media analytics and monitoring tools
  • Use Yammer to engage, collaborate and connect to your team

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Client Success Stories

Investment consulting firm leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve client experience.

End users at the firm were being held back by obstacles to accessing important data, investment information, and research assets easily from within a single platform, limiting their ability to service clients efficiently. This manual process needed to be replaced with a CRM that could drive automation, efficiency, accuracy, and management visibility.

Financial services firm migrates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud.

Migrating Dynamics CRM 365 to the cloud would help the firm to improve productivity while reducing operational costs. According to Forrester, migrating on-premises deployments of Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 in the cloud can help improve productivity of back-office operations staff by 3% and 9%, and an average of 10% across all employees.

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