Do What You Love. Automate Everything Else.

Science fiction got it wrong when it warned that robots would replace humans. Today’s bots are our new best friends. They’re automating manual, repetitive tasks, freeing up human workers to not only focus on higher-level strategic business priorities, but also get out of the office earlier. The result? Fewer errors, greater cost savings, and more time for little league baseball games and dinner with the family. 

Empower your workforce.

At BDO Digital, we understand what bots can do to empower your workforce. We can help you introduce intelligent automation where it will make the greatest impact—manual and repetitive processes related to data management and beyond—while providing support for the people who use the data to drive better business decision-making. With our robotic process automation consultants and resources, you can get bots on board to make life easier for the most important part of your organization: the people. 

Where advanced automation can take you:

  • From cost inefficiencies to cost optimization
  • From time wasted to time saved
  • From productivity losses to productivity gains
  • From human error to 100% accuracy

How We Can Help

BDO Digital enables you to automate the transfer, reporting and manipulation of business data for a faster, cleaner and more efficient data analytics process. Here’s how we use automation to upgrade your data analysis:

Automation isn’t just about deploying bots to take over existing processes. It’s about understanding which existing processes should be automated, and where automation warrants reengineering—you never want to automate a bad process. BDO’s automation consultants can help you use intelligent automation both to improve your existing processes and to replace suboptimal processes. 

When is a bot more than a bot? When it’s saving you time, money and energy by automating manual tasks. BDO Digital's RPA Solutions help you deploy bots to handle the drudge work so your people can focus their talents on higher strategic priorities. 

Revving up your automation implementation requires a tailor-made strategy that focuses on your organization’s unique needs. We review your business goals and current processes to understand where you want to go and how you’re trying to get there. Then, we identify pilot process areas where advanced automation will have the greatest immediate impact and work with you to get it off the ground to jump-start your automation journey. 

Your tax department already has enough to do. BDO’s Data Assessment & Tax Data Solutions can automate data collection, information logging, PDF extraction and more to better support your tax department. 

Invoice processing is a prime candidate for automation. BDO can help you implement automation that saves time and reduces user error in your invoices, saving you from hours of tedious manual data entry and accidentally committing costly mistakes. 

Intelligent automation is your pathway to building an organization that is constantly working to make itself smarter. We use machine learning to give your automation technology the power to adapt and learn when presented with new information. With intelligent automation, automation solutions can adapt to and optimize processes for changing conditions. 

A Client Story

In response to a privacy breach, one of BDO’s clients needed a fast and reliable way to respond to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data subject requests. Even though the client was meeting deadlines, the arduous manual process to provide customers with a response to their individual rights requests was time-consuming and costly—and the total number of requests received was about to increase significantly.

On a tight project timeline—under one month to set up, test and demo the technology—BDO delivered a robotic process automation system—a series of bots—that analyzed the database containing the compromised information and quickly pulled the relevant information into a full report for the client’s customers. BDO also created “supervisor bots” to perform quality control on the main reporting bot, including checking its work, identifying any issues or errors and preventing interruptions.

The bot solution was able to do the work of what would have taken hundreds of employees thousands of hours. Not only was the client able to resolve 25,000+ individual rights requests within a short timeframe, they were also able to avoid regulatory fines.

For us, bringing a partner on was both about speed and about the expertise for merging multiple systems together. We knew we’d never done that before and when trying to run on a tight timeline, the last thing we wanted to do was learn as we go. Having a partner with experience was really important to us. 

Ready to Boot Up Your Bots?

At our free, one-day bot brainstorming sessions we call “Botstorms,” we open the doors to limitless possibilities grounded in concrete bot use cases. We’ll source input from your teams to create and demonstrate bots in real time that address your organization’s needs. All departments are encouraged to participate—from IT to HR, Operations to Tax—so we can build the right bots for you.

Want to see what automation can do for you? Contact us to schedule your Botstorm now.

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