Operationalizing AI Techniques

Is your data unseen, unstructured and untapped? You don’t get value simply by collecting data—you need insights derived from data to make intelligent decisions at the speed of business. And for insights to lead to real impact, data value proposition must support your broader business priorities.

The journey from disparate data to fully operationalized data and AI starts with aligning your data strategy with your overall business strategy. The journey doesn’t end until making decisions based on data and adopting AI-enhanced ways of working are entrenched in your culture. Only then can you harness your data as a strategic asset and use it as fuel to enable new levels of agility, foster continuous innovation and optimize performance.  

Our Decision Intelligence Framework

With business strategy as the north star, a progressive approach to improving your analytics and AI capabilities, and a holistic view of every initiative, the framework provides a flexible structure for unlocking business value from your data.

Through the lens of our data driven business transformation framework, we’ll guide you on the path to building a modern data architecture that scales with you and capabilities that enable faster, evidence-driven decision-making. With teams that bring together data science and industry experience, we help you focus on the opportunities and outcomes most relevant to your specific business.

How Decision Intelligence Enhances Data & AI

Our framework serves as the starting point of every client engagement. Regardless of where you are today, we can help you make fast progress on your data and AI journey, scale your successes and drive greater returns on your data investments.


We start by getting to know your business and your strategic objectives.


Technical Deep Dives
We assess your data architecture and current capabilities.


Roadmap Development
We create a prioritized roadmap to advance your data strategy in concert with your business goals.


Use Case Identification
We recommend use cases to pilot now for immediate business results.


Using leading technologies and proprietary methods and techniques, we execute and optimize.



Decision Intelligence Market Trends

  • Research shows that more data is always better, no matter what decision you're making

  • By the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will be leveraging operational AI like machine learning and natural launguage processing (NLP) to provide powerful insights into operations and supply chains

  • 33% of large organizations will be using Decision Intelligence, including decision modeling, to help make decisions by 2023

  • The IDC predicts companies that haven't made progress with Decision Intelligence will feel the same effects as those in businesses that were late to move online

Turn data into actionable insights, fast

To truly be data-driven, you need a cloud-powered, modern data platform that can ingest and transform your data, turning into meaningful insights with which you can easily engage. Our award-winning HeroPath platform offers all of these benefits, and more. Turn data into insights with HeroPath, our scalable and flexible, end-to-end, modern data platform.

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Accelerate your data journey with our Rapid Data Transformation Assessment. Our Rapid Assessment is the quickest way to uncover your data needs and define the strategic initiatives that will achieve your desired data driven business transformation outcomes.

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  • An assessment of your organization’s data strategy and business data needs against the 6 elements of the Decision Intelligence Framework
  • Identified areas for improvement and potential use cases
  • A go-forward plan with recommendations on what to prioritize and clear milestones leading to data transformation
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