Microsoft Features BDO Digital Germany in a Case Study with Fortuna Düsseldorf

February 26, 2021
COVID-19 created an unprecedented situation for Fortuna 95, a German Soccer Club located in Dusseldorf. Communication is key for the organization’s success and as the players and organization shifted to different working places and mediums of communication, Fortuna 95 realized they needed to rethink the security of their data. The soccer club knew they needed to protect the medical records and other confidential information that they keep for each of their players. They also wanted to remain in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, especially with the sensitive data of their youth players.

With the help of BDO Digital Germany, a Microsoft Compliance Workshop was used to help detect risks and categorize regulations. Using Microsoft Information Protection, Fortuna 95 can now classify and protect sensitive data wherever it may live.

With updates to its security and data protection, Fortuna 95 and its players now also have the confidence to use platforms such as Microsoft Teams to stay active and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic in a safe and secure manner.

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