The Road to AI: 5 steps

The Road to AI: 5 steps

Kirstie Tiernan, BDO Digital's GTM leader, emphasizes the need for understanding AI's potential impact on both personal and organizational levels. BDO Digital is helping businesses address the productivity, financial, and organizational gains through our strategic roadmap to AI implementation. It's important to be AI-ready by adopting a cloud-first approach, strategic data organization, responsible AI, and a smooth change management plan for successful implementation. BDO Digital, having won the Microsoft Impact Awards in 2023, positions itself as a leader in the AI landscape, debunking fears around AI while encouraging proactive engagement and iterative learning for sustainable growth.

Video Transcript

Give me a full real script for an AI expert to present on AI. And if I were doing this, again, I would come up with probably about a two page prompt on how I would actually prompt it to give me a full script. I think the one thing people do with GPT is they could treat it like Google. And they get really frustrated because they do something like that.

It comes back with a bad answer. You're like, oh, it's terrible. We're here to make your life. Easier.

We're here to make an impact for your organization.

And with AI, we will.

Step 1: Education

ChatGPT, allows everyone access to AI. And you have to understand what AI is to be able to know what to do with it.

It's really important. I think that people start to figure out and get used to what this is and what it could mean for their businesses going forward.

It's at home, it's at work, and it gives you the ability to be on the edge.

Step 2: Use Cases

Regardless of all the cool stuff it can do, it needs to work for you and it needs to generate revenue and and rate an ROI.

Well, we speak the language of return. Right? So it's not just about going after a bunch of different fun new AI use cases. About being smart about where you're gonna put your money.

Step 3: Prepare & Build

In order to be AI ready, you've gotta be thinking cloud first, and data organizations is a starting point for cloud migration. Navigating that landscape can a bit daunting, but there are people who have done that before and understand where to point, you know, unlock and enable the strategy that you have for your particular organization. We won in twenty twenty three a So, obviously, Microsoft is doing big things in the world of AI through its investment in open AI, and we're at the forefront there.

Step 4: Enable & Adopt

There's a lot of fear still around AI and what it can do for people and and what it might replace.

And we want to help our clients and work with them to help their people understand that they will not be replaced by AI. But someone that's using AI will definitely replace them.


Step 5: Go & Grow

You can sit and wait. You can wait for your competitors to take advantage of it, but it is not going away. And you sitting around waiting for someone else to see it goes for them is just getting you one step further behind. Don't wait for everything to be perfect. Learn how to fail fast and actually implement that organizationally, and then go and grow, iterate and make it happen.