BDO Digital Weighs in on Microsoft Services Upgrades Ahead Of JEDI Bid

October 10, 2018

Microsoft has recently upgraded many Azure Cloud services to meet the federal compliance standard ahead of the JEDI cloud contract. The new capabilities will be a boon for engagements with federal government and enterprise customers.

Moving forward with the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud strategies for the federal government does create a significant partner play for customers who transact in that space who are not currently in the Microsoft ecosystem.

-Ric Opal, Vice President at BDO Digital

Microsoft’s new upgrade ensures strict security compliance standards and the ability to deliver hybrid solutions across all networks, differentiating their cloud value.

Given a Bloomberg report last week that the Chinese government has compromised the servers of rival cloud providers with a supply chain hack, it is easy to understand why Microsoft would be increasing its reach into the federal market. Microsoft is the only cloud vendor that has been deliberate in each step they have taken to protect privacy and security. They’ve also been very specific as to how everyone should be securing their assets, including government entities.

-Ric Opal, BDO Digital

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