BDO Digital's Bob Knott Offers 4 Tips for IT Budgeting in Chief Executive Group Article

January 26, 2017

Not much gets past a mid-market CEO. You name it: sales, costs of raw materials, public relations strategies, and so much more. The top execs have a handle on all of that. When it comes to IT, though, they may feel a bit skittish.

In this article, BDO Digital, Bob Knott, offers four tips to help mid-market CEOs navigate the IT landscape, and engage with IT leaders to support their strategic policies. He describes the importance of focusing on innovation vs maintenance, categorizing by function, rigorous time tracking and allocating costs.

Since labor makes up a significant portion of any IT budget, detailed time tracking is critical. Doing so allows CEOs to ensure their staff’s work is consistent with business priorities.

For more detail on how to lift the shroud of IT budgeting and generate a more productive conversation with your IT team to ensure you have an effective IT strategy, download the CEO Guide: Solving the Mystery of IT Budgets.