BDO Digital Presents at Loyola Supply and Value Chain Center’s Leadership Conference

June 09, 2017

Nearly 80 local supply chain professionals and leaders attend the Loyola Supply and Value Chain Center’s Leadership Conference in Addison, IL on June 8 to discuss today’s hot supply chain topics, including the importance of data visualization in the supply chain industry.

Speakers included Phil Katz of Hu-Friedy, Michael Watson of Opex Analytics, and Danelle Van der Koon of BDO Digital.  The 90-minute discussion provided an overview of data visualization, how data visualization is included in supplier score carding process, and how to leverage the latest interactive visualization technology to automate the supplier scorecard. The sessions concluded with a lively interactive product demonstration showcasing day-in-the-life scenarios of how Power BI and Tableau.

Everyone is looking to improve efficiencies, and we believe the supply chain is especially poised to benefit from data analytics to advance automation. The challenge is sifting through an overwhelming amount of data to define KPIs and gain valuable insights. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge leap in the maturity of data visualization solutions that’s helping organizations make sense of their data. We believe now is the time for every supply chain to understand how data analytics can enhance their business.

-Danelle Van der Koon, BDO Digital

The goal of the session was to initiate the conversation around data analytics and explore the options and opportunities available today. In addition to educating attendees on the fundamentals of visualization, the session also attempted to demonstrate some of the latest technologies used to generate visualizations.

To learn more and view upcoming events, visit the Supply and Value Chain Center.