BDO Digital on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Increase in Compensation Package

October 17, 2018

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, is set to receive a 29 percent increase to his compensation package in the fiscal year 2018. Nadella previously received a total compensation of $28.5 million in fiscal 2018 which ended on June 30. The increase is based on both qualitative and quantitative performance such as strong financial growth and leadership in crucial areas at Microsoft.

All the gears of the machine are spinning in a proper cadence at Microsoft right now.

-Ric Opal, BDO Digital

One of Nadella's most notable actons is the changes to Microsoft's culture.

That changing of the culture was the complete catalyst to everything that's been going on. [Nadella] demonstrated a willingness to partner. I don't see it being the Satya Nadella show. I see it being the Microsoft show.

-Ric Opal, Vice President at BDO Digital

Microsoft faces many challenges including rising interest rates and other possible economic impacts in the future.

Now, as our economy changes, do they perform at the same caliber and rate? I think the answer to that question is yes.

-Ric Opal, BDO Digital

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