BDO Digital and NetSuite Help C-Suite Executives Get a Good Night’s Rest

BDO Digital and NetSuite Help C-Suite Executives Get a Good Night’s Rest

Companies across most industries became more cost conscious in 2023. After enjoying an extended economic upswing throughout most of the 2010s—followed by high demand during the Covid era—organizations have more recently been dealing with inflation, high interest rates and rising business costs for much of this past year.  

This has naturally pushed many C-suite executives to be more mindful of spending and seek out ways to get the most value for their money. For help, more of them are turning to technology that provides clear financial reporting, enhances operational visibility and automates manual tasks.  

With a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) like NetSuite in place, executives can also solve problems like off-system processing that inhibits data sharing, control and efficiency. They can also significantly reduce errors, overspending and other challenges that can take a bite out of their bottom lines.  

Here are five more ways BDO Digital and NetSuite are helping busy C-suite execs get a good night’s rest in this uncertain business environment:  

  1. Unified view of the entire organization. By implementing a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like NetSuite, organizations can eliminate manual data silos and gain a unified view of all operational data and improve overall efficiency levels. A complete suite of software applications, NetSuite brings all of a company’s data together into a single system that can also be integrated with existing applications like Salesforce and Shopify. 

  1. Single point of entry. By moving to a single ERPreducing the number of third-party applications and utilizing a best-of-breed solution, these companies can streamline their processes, automate reporting and free up internal resources to focus on more value-added tasks. NetSuite gives team members access to all of the data they need from a single point of entry, thus saving time, reducing errors and improving decision-making across the entire organization.  

  1. Intuitive, straightforward user experience. An all-in-one solution that streamlines business management and decision-making, NetSuite offers an intuitive, straightforward user experience (UX) that helps reduce inefficiencies by making the software more accessible to your entire organization. And for companies that want to grow internationally, NetSuite enables global management for subsidiaries, branches and other legal entities worldwide. 

  1. Better decision-making tools. A unified ERP like NetSuite helps C-suite executives collect, analyze and visualize data from a variety of sources. They can then use that data to identify trends and patterns and make more informed decisions in any business conditions.  

  1. Tackle the now, prepare for what’s coming next. Growing companies across most industry sectors are under pressure to scale quickly, manage costs, stay out in front of their competitors and attract talent amid an ongoing labor shortage. To address these and other requirements, organizations need technology infrastructures and data that help them address the “now” while also planning for success in the future. Using NetSuite as the technological underpinning, BDO Digital gives companies the computing power they need to tackle the “now” and prepare for the future. 

The C-Suite’s Best Friend   

As a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading professional services firms, BDO Digital uses a holistic, industry-centric approach when helping companies gain competitive advantage in their respective industries. With NetSuite as a technological foundation, BDO Digital’s vast global network supports growth, scale and agility to help companies balance resource constraints with accelerated business growth.  

BDO Digital helps companies unleash the power of NetSuite by combining vast ERP implementation experience with a global team of advisory, tax, audit, quality, manufacturing, sourcing, change management and technology experts who will serve as your trusted digital transformation partners.