Printing Company Grows Globally with the Help of Data Visualizations in Power BI

Printing Company Grows Globally with the Help of Data Visualizations in Power BI

Building Upon a Legacy

As a provider of high-performance labeling solutions, the company had customers worldwide within the industrial, automotive, transportation and electronics industries. Communication, customer service, and efficient delivery were the hallmarks of their success, and competition in the market was steep. The company wanted to continue to grow into new markets but needed to understand market conditions and improve their sales capabilities accordingly. They knew that data was the key to differentiating and modernizing the way they did business. They had some legacy systems in place but didn’t have the expertise and technical capabilities to know where to evolve and needed a partner to help them get started.

Identifying Business Goals

The first step was to identify specific business goals and align them with the right technology options. The company had business questions they wanted answered, and in order to answer, they needed to look at the right type of data. But data was only the tool – business analysis was needed to translate it into actionable insight.

Overall, the company hoped to:

  • Expand business into new markets
  • Increase revenue through improved sales strategy
  • Improve operational efficiency, like equipment utilization
  • Understand pricing, invoicing and financials per segment
  • Create single source of information and reporting by syncing with existing systems

If the company could plan the most efficient way to run a group of machines at a particular plant, for example, they could then plan around when a specific part would need to be replaced, and eliminate missed shipments, lower costs, and improve customer service with global clients.

Smart Growth with Data

After understanding the business goals, BDO Digital began by building a modern, centralized data warehouse that would enable faster, efficient, easier, and high-quality data for dashboards and reporting utilizing their CRM and ERP data sources. Integrating their CRM allowed information to sync in real-time, eliminating the need to update manually. They were also able to ship orders and invoices directly from their CRM, saving time and money and eliminating the chance of duplication error.

BDO Digital utilized Microsoft Power BI as a more cost-efficient and effective end-user tool for the company. The data was then pulled and organized by segment. Utilizing their customized advanced analytics system, the company could get answers to their questions surrounding operations and financials and make decisions from there. They can now guarantee their customers will not miss a shipment and lower their cost of ownership. The company was able to continue with plans to expand in the next fiscal year.

If you’d like to learn more about how your organization can determine what data analytics technologies can help answer your business questions, contact BDO Digital today.