BDO Digital Delivers Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity Initiatives for Financial Services Industry Client

October 05, 2021
A large, privately-owned banking and insurance company located in the U.S. Midwest was struggling with developing a digital transformation strategy and protecting their organization from the increasing occurrence of cyber threats. The banking and insurance company knew that they needed outside help to develop a holistic digital strategy, which would overcome the issue of creating both an individualized customer and employee experience while maintaining security.

Additionally, the bank needed to focus on the end-to-end client experiences to help improve client interactions and processes. The bank handled over one million customer transactions in the past year in their call center and any customer interaction where a bank employee did not have complete information was a potential retention risk.

Addressing the Challenges

Digital Transformation Strategy

BDO Digital recommended implementing a new technology set that was largely based on Microsoft 365 (including Dynamics CRM) cloud-based services to help improve customer and employee satisfaction. The technology set also included Microsoft Exchange, Teams and, SharePoint.

The digital initiatives deployed allowed bank employees to have the information required to address customer issues and answer customer questions in one place, where in the past they needed to reference many disconnected systems. Furthermore, call backs and action items could be automated with workflows, which enhanced the customer’s experience.

Cybersecurity Strategy

The bank also needed a solution that could allow them to protect their sensitive client data, reduce risk, and scale as they grow. BDO Digital recommended that they move their best of breed, on-premises security software products into the cloud as a long-term goal. In the short term, BDO Digital recommended and installed Microsoft Azure Sentinel, a cloud-based security information and event manager platform as Sentinel uses artificial intelligence to collect data, detect risks, investigate threats, and respond to incidents.  

Microsoft Azure Sentinel provided many advantages to the organization including:  
  • Consolidation of all threats into one centralized system 
  • Greater visibility into the threat landscape 
  • Seamless data integration and greater telemetry between applications  
  • Consistent patching and security management  


The bank realized a 7% increase in revenue because of their growth strategy centered on digital transformation. They also were able to enhance their client and employee satisfaction from these strategic initiatives. The bank has aligned their digital strategy to BDO’s success framework which focuses on Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management (SCIM) initiatives. SCIM is a streamlined process for synchronizing user information between multiple applications that reduces data mistakes and inconsistencies. The bank is now more confident in their enhanced security and threat posture.

Bringing It All Together

Maintaining excellent customer service while also offering a full range of financial services can be a complex challenge. The bank leveraged offerings from BDO Digital so that they could focus on their core business. The BDO Digital offerings strengthen their cyber defense system and provided an exceptional client and user-experience.