When all your commercial data is spread across multiple disparate systems, your organization is more likely to suffer from human error, revenue loss and supply chain disruptions. Here are some of the ways a custom NetSuite configuration from BDO Digital can help your business drive commercial growth:

All Your Data in One Place

Pharmaceutical companies have many points of commercial data information that require tracking and alignment. With BDO Digital, you can bring all that information under one solution. Connect to your third-party logistics (3PL) for automated revenue, inventory, accounts receivable and cash applications. Calculate gross-to-net adjustments as revenue hits the system automatically.

Key Features

3PL integrations

Manage order fulfillment, inventory and revenue streams directly within your ERP system with complete revenue capture capabilities.

Inventory tracking

Manage all outsourced logistics elements from the consolidated ERP system with robust features like accounting, inventory management, lot tracking, ERI integration and more.

Inventory and revenue forecasting 

NetSuite's system empowers you to make more informed decisions by leveraging your inventory data to create inventory and revenue forecasts

Gross-to-net calculations

Our gross-to-net solution allows you to identify adjustments by customer, SKU, location, country, and so on, to calculate the adjusted net revenue as soon as revenue is recorded.

Material resource planning 

Calculate or enter demand from a forecast, and plan for purchases, transfers and manufacturing with a sophisticated model which includes vendor lead times, safety stock and planning functions.

Sunshine act reporting

Capturing data such as nature of spend, HCP/HCI numbers, and other information allows for easy reporting to your Sunshine Act reporting partner.