Get in Front of Your Target Audience

Online search is the primary method buyers are researching products and services, so being at the top of the list is half the battle. We get your business in front of more potential customers by increasing online visibility with ongoing, deep-dive SEO assessment and implementation. Our approach focuses on driving strong online visibility and search ranking through analysis, strategic guidance, and performance accountability. We work in collaboration with you to help shape actions that help you get in front of your target audience and drive traffic and leads to your website.

Our efforts begin with capturing data through analysis of keywords, competition, traffic patterns, site performance, benchmarking, site design, and referrals. We regularly assess progress, evaluate strategy, and determine any effective changes to our management plan, which may result in a combination of both organic and paid search to achieve optimal results. We regularly review SEO/PPC reports during in-person status meeting and continuously develop and execute meaningful business strategies based on current insights that align to your unique business goals.

How We Can Help


BDO Digital executes a comprehensive and ongoing analysis with every SEO engagement. Our approach provides a clear understanding of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat.

  • Keyword Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Traffic Pattern, Analysis Site Performance and Benchmarking Site, Design Analysis, Referral Analysis

Strategic Guidance

SEO efforts begin with capturing data and reviewing metrics, but real success is found when that information is used to develop and execute insightful and meaningful business strategies. At BDO Digital we view our role as an active partner – that works in a collaborative way to parse through findings and help shape actions that are going to improve the trajectory of the business.

Performance Accountability

Productive business relationships are formed with a clear sense of accountability. With the inception of any SEO engagement BDO Digital works with our clients to establish clear, meaningful and realistic performance metrics. In the time that follows, BDO Digital documents the progress against these metrics within a standard monthly report.

Monthly Reports

As part of every SEO engagement, BDO Digital will document our management activities, keyword rankings, website and other related analytics, as well as the performance against engagement goals. This report is reviewed during a monthly account status meeting that provides us with the opportunity to collectively assess progress, evaluate strategy and determine any effective changes to our management plan.

The SEO and website development guidance that the BDO Digital team has given us over the last year has been a huge asset to our organization. This knowledge has directly resulted in increased revenue and we are excited to continue our relationship in the future.

Looking to modernize your organizations business applications?

Companies are dependent on applications to run their businesses - many of which are outdated, have become more difficult to maintain and are reaching end-of-support. To help organizations understand their portfolio of solutions so that they can drive more revenue, decrease cost and risk, and provide new capabilities BDO Digital has developed the Business Application Modernization assessment.