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The professionals at our New York, NY office offer a breadth of expertise and experience to clients of all sizes and industries. Whether you work in healthcare or the technology sector, choosing BDO Digital empowers you to find the right solutions for your specific needs.

  • Quality Digital Business Solutions

    Our wide range of services allows us to work closely with clients and tailor our support to meet their unique business and industry requirements. Rely on BDO Digital for cybersecurity incident response, IT outsourcing services and managed cloud services in New York City:

    • Cybersecurity incident response: Our team of specialists will help you build a comprehensive cybersecurity incident response plan, equipping you to mitigate risk, create a robust system and reach business goals.
    • IT outsourcing services: Empower your company to improve efficiency, understand technological possibilities and participate in industry best practices by utilizing BDO Digital's IT outsourcing services.
    • Managed cloud services: When you receive our managed cloud services, we will oversee the entire lifecycle of your cloud journey and provide ongoing management services so you can continue to enjoy the benefits and innovations of the cloud.

    Why Choose BDO Digital?

    We are dedicated to providing quality service to our clients, so we work with companies like yours to help them achieve their goals and excel within their industries. Every organization is different, so we strive to provide the tailored services each client needs to succeed.

    We are also committed to serving our employees and community. The team at our New York office constantly seeks out opportunities to contribute to charitable programs and participate in various volunteer and fundraising events.

    Start your digital transformation by contacting us online today to learn more about our digital business solutions in New York, NY.

    With a very mobile workforce, Hermanson is receiving more and riskier sign-on notifications. Some of these are authorized employees logging in from new locations, while some may be hackers attempting to breach their systems. How do you know the difference? Managed Defense allows Hermanson’s team to confidently focus their efforts on other initiatives, knowing that if there is a high-risk threat or leaked credentials, the BDO Digital team will take the appropriate action to keep them protected.

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