What is Managed Services and How Can It Help You?

What is Managed Services and How Can It Help You?

As industries and businesses continue their journey through Digital Transformation, a new set of technological requirements has emerged. 70% of today’s companies are either in the process of developing a comprehensive digital transformation strategy or have already put one in place, and many of them are struggling to successfully integrate these new solutions into their operations. The cloud is one of those solutions.

With the increasing adoption of cloud technologies, the focus of many businesses has shifted to cloud optimization, application management, security operations and ensuring 24X7X365 support of end users as they embrace new technology. Competing in today’s technology driven economy means having a plan for all these areas and ensuring that the cloud delivers the expected value to employees, customers and business stakeholders.

These new requirements will impact businesses across all industries, but certain sectors will have specific points to consider, especially Manufacturing & Distribution, Non-Profit, and Private Equity. That’s where Managed Services can help.

So, what is Managed Services exactly? 

Managed Services, or IT outsourcing, is about helping mid-market businesses manage and innovate their technology stack and provide end-to-end coverage to realize the full value of the cloud.  Mid-market businesses look to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to solve capacity and skillset challenges, to supplement all or parts of their IT operations and provide strategy and advisory support to meet today’s evolving needs.

This allows their IT team the opportunity to elevate their organizational impact by focusing on projects that enable their business to thrive. MSPs also provide the foundation that allows mid-market businesses to capture and support the full power of innovative technologies, ensure business continuity, manage cyber risks, help to strengthen alignment with the business, and create an exceptional end user experience.   

How can a Managed Services Provider help?

The fact is, IT can be a huge cost center for many mid-market organizations. MSPs bring together the people, process and technology to accelerate maturity for its clients and leverage their extensive experience to pinpoint areas of improvement and efficiency to drive down costs and free up investments.  The goal is to continually increase the value that IT brings and ensure that investments are aligned with priorities that enable business outcomes.  Helping clients ensure that their technology strategy and associated investments support the goals of the business are key considerations. 

MSPs help companies right-size resource and skillset allocation based on demand.  They also help with risk awareness and mitigation, including operations management, cyber compliance, remote workforce consideration, and more. MSPs can bring a lot of experience in these areas and help navigate complexities, especially during these uncertain times when IT management has been further challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are some of the drivers for Managed Services / strategic outsourcing?

  • Delivering cost optimization and reduction 
  • Supporting growth and expansion 
  • Delivering scale and expertise when needed 
  • Producing strong ROI on IT initiatives  
  • Aligning business priorities and technology investments 
  • Improving security and maintaining compliance 

Want to see Managed Services in action?

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